I'm having trouble preventing spam bots from opting into my website for a free report

Here is why: I use Mailchimp to collect names, emails to subscribe to my email list. To prevent the spammed traffic I use their double-opt in AND the CAPTCHA on my audiences. I also use Go Daddy as my domain host and Outlook. Can you recommend a way, to stop the daily nonsense? Would SO appreciate your help and guidance. MUCH GRATITUDE for what you do and represent!

Consider an alternative. Forbes already did the hard work, here’s a link:


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Does anyone know of a better bot filtering program she can use? Is CAPTCHA the most efficient? Curious myself…

I don’t know what kind of captcha mailchimp is using, but recaptcha v3 usually does a decent job of screening out the bots.

Depending on how determined the spammers are you may still get some through click farms submitted by real people. Usually, those are relatively few and far between compared to the mass flood you can get from the bots all doing oddball things.

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Bear with me, but could one flip the submit & cancel functions, and use pictures for the buttons? Or is the obscurity useless? Do bits read the page text, or ocr the images? Or both?
Are we just fundamentally doomed until the bots decide to do away with us?

Thank you all; I appreciate the replies.

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