I'm having PC Blue screen troubles, can anybody help?

yeah doing the uninstall removes the program not the drivers, hence doing what you have said namix. i did that myself and then re-installed motionjoy still got the problem, also could it just be the motionjoy driver is just broken? and the link you have posted is it just drivers for a 360 controller?

actually, just remove motion joy. the software makes minecraft  indev llok like osx as far as stability is concerned

ive been looking around and it seems that if your using a PS3 controler you got no "safe" choice but to use motionjoy and yes their drivers are wicked bad at times :P also looks like if their servers are down it doesnt work or something lol.

you could try the xbox controler driver and see if you can get windows to apply those setting to a ps3 controler (doubt it tho), only reason i linked it is because i on skim read the previouse posts and saw xbox and missed the ps3 part hahaha


EDIT: Although the PS3 drivers supplied by motion joy are windows sighned so called.



but motion joy is the only way i've known to use a ps3 controller as a gmae pad on pc, ans this error only started happening when i started using the 360 setting. i tried deleting the MijXfilt.sys driver from System 32 without uninstalling motionjoy but it still crashed

even with overlooking a minor detail your post has given me the answer i need lol 

well going to a 360 controller seems like a safe bet to me, i personally emulate stuff and like too use a controller for certain pc titles. so i think i will be converting to an xbox controller.

looks like im gonna have to leave dolphin alone untill i get a wired 360 controler :(

their software isn't even suitable to be called an alpha. many, many perople have has bsod problems with motion joy. boot into safe mode, unistall it. pretty much the only solution.

yeah you type the file name into google and the suggested responses top option is BSOD lol :D

not necissarily a better option.  http://forums.motioninjoy.com/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=1070

but i've used a ps3 controller with motionjoy in dolphin for a long time and never had a problem. not until this week using it as a virtual xbox controller

well namix has linked native 360 drivers, so motion joy isnt needed. for me its not a case of what program i use it with as it has done it with all of em, the issue is motion joy based, and no matter what config i use i still get a bsod about an hour or 2 into my session

well i finished sleeping dogs so i unistyaled motion joy and revomed the driver. we'll see from here. does anyone know a way to use a ps3 controller on pc without motioninjoy? steam unfortunately only recognized xbox which is why i was using motionjoy

i searched around and can only find motion joy options, there was a "custom" set of drivers but tbh i wouldnt want them within 100 feet of my pc.

You would also need to remove registry entries aswell by the sound of it.