I'm having PC Blue screen troubles, can anybody help?

I've no idea if this is the place to post this, but i know i don't know what the problem is or how to fix it and there probably a chance one of you can help out. if you can't could you direct me to somplace that could?

The problem occurs when i'm putting my pc to slepp at night. a few weeks ago i was having trouble booting up but that seemed yo solve itself. This happened three nights in a row now and i'm not proficient enough in IT to know what to do from here. Here's the info from the system recovery dialog box, as well as the .dmp file from it. thanks in advance if anyone can help me.


Problem signature:

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen

OS Version: 6.1.7600.

Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:

BCCode: d1

BCP1: FFFFF88004B2F638

BCP2: 0000000000000002

BCP3: 0000000000000008

BCP4: FFFFF88004B2F638

OS Version: 6_1_7600

Service Pack: 0_0

Product: 256_1

System specs? (at a guess do you have an SSD?)

no its a 1.5 Tb 5200 rpm, sadly i wish i new the importance of disk speed when i built it.

i5 760 stock clock

8 gb ram

using windows 7 64bit

Asus P7P55D board

GTX 460 overclocked


what PSU do you have?

This one

right ok theres loads of issues with win7 and sleep mode posted up around boards online.

I need some more details of what the actual fault is else i could be telling you bad info :)

So from your post i see that a few weeks ago you were getting boot errors where the PC would not boot (i take it that the PC just sat there with nothing on the screen with its fans spinning?). This issue magically fixed itself.

Now its doing something when you put it to sleep? does this mean that when you put the pc to sleep at night (or whenever) when you try to wake it up again the PC will not wake up and you have to restart it again to get into windows?

 EDIT: sorry bud im being an idiot and not paying attention, are you basically saying it blue screens when your try to go to sleep mode?

mostly correct. the prior issue with booting up actually got through the bios and instead of booting into windows left a black screen, with several colorful srtifact lines flickering near the top, i imagined my hardrive had a serious crash and was prepared for the worst but yes, after a couple a boots over the course of two days it just seemed to stop. now when going into sleep mode, my two monitor set up procedes to go off one after the other as usual, but right before it would normally just shut off my secondary monitor shows a blue screen crash dump and i have to boot back up next time i want to use it instead of just waking it up.

does this mean anything to you?



i'm running an analysis right now. i debug bsods all the time.

will edit with results

looking up the driver


BTW guys, bsods are usually drivers. tool I use is called windbg.

driver reference table: http://sysnative.com/drivers

pfft i go out for a little bit and somone comes in and ninjas the topic :P

wait so motion joy running my ps3 controller as an xbox controller is causing this crash? ive used motion joy for years but just started using the xbox controller driver for sleeping dogs, which coincidentally i won here. i'm gonna test a few things, see if setting the controller type makes a difference or if closing motionjoy gets rid of the problem


Alright well i tested a few things but updated my driver in the process through the motionjoy program. haven't been able to replicate the issue again so for now i suppose it's fixed or at least workable. if not ill do a little searching based off what you guys posted and if no luck ill be back. but for now thanks a lot for the help!

no prob.

bsod debugging... almost a hobby of mine...

turns out updating the driver didnt do it. i guess i'll keep working on it

go to http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f299/ and post there. the staff there are certified by microsoft, and typically help 10 or more people fix their blue screens every day.

lol im having a simalir issue with my motionjoy driver, it keeps causing random bluescreen crashes when im actually using motionjoy, frustrating stuff

As far as I can see, removing MotioninJoy via add / remove programs uninstall list doesn't work and the driver still remains, so you must uninstall it via the uninstall list, AND THEN navigate to c:\windows\system32\drivers and delete MijXfilt.sys.

Then get the new drivers here and try it out,  http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/p/xbox-360-controller-for-windows/52A-00004#support