I'm having fun with just laptops again, and its nice

So I’ve had computers in my life for as long as I can remember. The first machine I got was some pentium 2 craptop to take notes on in 03, couldn’t have games except what was on it. Made 3rd grade easier to keep up with. Had a Dell Inspiron B120 after that in middle school (need to find one new old stock btw) and had a bit more freedom with that. Then in high school I had an HP NW8000 that I still love to this day. After that a Lenovo B575 that I ran to death through the end of HS into college. I’ve really only had desktops since the end of 2014, about a month ago, for 4 years. I had one as a kid that I was given to play with and learn to type (mavis shitcon jfc did that drive me nuts) but I couldn’t do much over all. I had a PS2 though. Eventually my cousin gave me quake and counter strike and those were a lot of fun… But the laptops I had through the years were so much more fun for me.

Here I sit, taking a shit, typing on a thinkpad that has shown me the magic of Docks, and I have enjoyed it a lot more than my desktop that I had hacked and fucked around with. Maybe I’m skewed towards them, but that Oryx Pro will be amazing to me.

I know a lot of people say to have a desktop to game on and a laptop as a backup… And again I’m skewed, but laptops are so much more enjoyable. I dunno if theres this aspect of them being more personal to the user because they can be carried everywhere, or if its that my brain is marred (lets be real tho, probably the latter lol), but I’ve actually been enjoying learning the limits of this little X230T and making it do things it really, REALLY, shouldn’t be doing. Like 200FPS in TF2! Little intel chip shouldn’t really do that, and its an X series so heat problems, but its so fun even if the fan is screaming.

I always liked laptops more I guess. Either that they are portable and you just have everything, or working inside of limitations and treating everything like a demo on an amiga… I dunno, its just more fun to me I guess. I hope that Oryx doesn’t bore me. I doubt it will, though it doesn’t have many limits on it. 4K, 1070, 8750H… Won’t know my opinion till its here but hot damn am I excited.

Here goes, I guess.


laptops are great because they are portable even though limited, periodically disassembly of the cooling fan to clean the radiator fins and dust removal is essential
If i have a lot of power work on the go then i use my laptop a lot, but for most i use my netbook due to its smaller footprint and weight.
any media production or gaming is done on my desktop system same with mass file transfers and compiling iso’s
aside from desktop repair a large amount of computer repair I do is laptops. (screens, drives, memory, and keyboard replacements)