I'm having an issue with low fps on saints row the third

I did a quick google and another guy using a gtx 460 was getting around 40fps avg and between 30-60fps on max settings. Now im running an athlon x2 64 and he was running a phenom is that going to make a giant difference. For me im getting around 40 fps max and all the way down to 12 fps when im driving with everything on low and shadows and reflections turned off.

have you done a driver update?? and looking at the two chips actually a phenow is a little more faster and has a lot more cores please look at these links 

Phenom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMD_Phenom

your cpu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athlon_64_X2


If was using a Phenom, there would be a difference. As it is the faster/more cored CPU. If it was a Phenom II it would also have greater instruction sets and support newer more effecient methods of processing the game data.

I wouldn't be suprised TBH as the Athlon 64 is from 2005

well considering for the time of the cpu its really not to bad :P

The only reason i was skeptical was this is the first issue ive had. Ive been playing metro 2033, deus ex and dead island(well dead island chugs a little bit here and there). But saints row driving down the streets of steelport at 15 fps isnt good.