Im going to upgrade my cpu and i narrowed it down to two cpu's need advice

ok im going to upgrade from my ryzen 5 2600 to either a ryzen 7 2700x or a ryzen 5 3600. both cpu’s cost $199 dollars. hard decision. need advice/help.



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Keep the 2600 and $199?


you dont think the extra cores and threads are worth the fps loss?

Ryzen 3 makes Ryzen 2 look like a dinosaur. Microcode updates are only going to push it farther the under my architecture is just so much better

without knowing your workload no one can make a realistic recommendation for you but most everything the 3600 edges out the 2700x.

you gave us basically no information about your workload and build and just said 2700x or 3600… so 3600.

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i mostly game, pay bills, browse, etc.

hard nope, get a 3600

This is a hands down 3600 for the win. Literally the best general purpose all arounder you can get these days. Some interesting support tech coming down the pipe.

im currently running a ryzen 5 2600 overclocked to 4.3 ghz 1.4v stable. 32gb of ddr4 3000 mhz overclocked to 3200 1.4v also stable. board is a tomahawk b450

Dont upgrade at all. This board did not get the love it needed from MSI on zen2 bios.

Stay with what you have until you can afford to get a new board or until MSI fix the bios.


ok, that sounds good.

I think the 1700x still beats the 3600 on some productivity workloads but ipc of the 3600 beats out 1700x hands down in most cases.

I noticed that you made yet again another topic about the same subject again.

I kindly ask if you could keep your questions regarding to upgrading your cpu,
at one central topic.
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Like i said in the other topic.

Either keep your existing setup or take a 3600X.

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lol no

According to some gamer nexus benchmarks… it does.

some benchmarks which arent applicable to this?

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