I'm getting really garbage CPU performance now

So I decided to run the Blender test that AMD put up, and I got over 2 and a half minutes to render. I have an 8370 @4.8, and someone with a Phenom II got a better score than I did. I ran Cinebench and just got 497 cb, which is abysmal. I rebooted, and disabled turbo and all the powersaving features to see if a difference would be made, because I noticed in CoreTemp that all 8 threads would just randomly drop to 1.4 GHz, so disabling those powersaving features kept the clockspeed at 4.8 most of the time. However, I'm still getting these garbage scores. I don't know what to do.

what are the temps?

Must be like apple were amd is tanking their old shit to get you to upgrade /sarcasm

72C max, but 64C most of the time, because I put my H100i into Balanced mode so it would run the fans faster.

thats why
anything above 68C and you get throttling
72C is where it HARDCORE throttles

btw you should really back off the volts and/or speed if that is the temps 65C is the max you want to run for it ever on AMD chips

(unless you are either insane like me running 5ghz or just dont care about the CPU dying)

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I have a 4690k at 4.52 GHz and on Cinebench and i got 553 and 607 and it has a 4690k getting 637

I don't care too much if I run this thing into the ground, cause I will upgrade to Ryzen, but the CPU very rarely reaches above 64C, and I still have that problem. Even when the CPU is constantly at 4.8, it's garbage.

you do realize that Cinebench is going to make your CPU throttle becuase of temps right
it uses 100% of the CPU for the 3-5 mins it takes to finish

it makes the temps skyrocket to throttling levels for that entire time
try monitoring the speeds of your CPU and also the temps while running that bench
youll see

I have monitored it. All cores run at 4.8, and it doesn't get above 64C. And I still get a really low score.

are you 100% sure
becuase I am running at 5ghz and it maxes at 65-68 C and I get around this:

have you messed with overclocking the memory at all as the timings and such can play a part in the CB score

I haven't messed with mem OCing, but I normally get around 745 cb, and all of a sudden I'm getting these bad scores. And yes. All cores were at 4.8 according to CoreTemp.

What's the motherboard? There are a ton of rotten apple board's with the AM3+ socket that can't deal with those 8 core's power draw requirements.

GA-990FXA-UD3. Revision 4 or 4.1

Are you 100% sure its 4 or 4.1? Those two and rev 5.0 are rock solid, actually have a 4.0 running right behind me in my freenas machine. Have you tried opening task manager to see if other processes are running and taking up cpu cycles while your testing?

It's rev 4. Has the heat pipe, but doesn't have the trace around the audio stuff. And task manager was only showing about 4-7% usage when nothing other than Cinebench was open. I'm booting off of a Drive with Fedora 25 to retry the Blender test just to see what happens.

2:02.73 for the Ryzen render in Fedora 25. Better, but still not that great.

unstable overclock most likely.
But yeah keep in mind FX cpu´s are kinda old now days.

Is it possible for it to manifest now? I've been running at this frequency for about a year with no issues like this until now.

Yes, overclocks will inevitably degrade over time. Running at those temps at that high of frequency is bound to put gradual wear onto the chip. One year is definitely a long enough period for the overclock to degrade to an unstable state.

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Could be.

i would suggest that you double check your cooler fans and such for eventual dust etc.
For the rest you could save your current OC profile, and load a new profile starting at stock.
Then see what kind of scores your get with cinebench R15 at stock speeds.
The scores should be arround the 640cb mark ish for stock.

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