Im getting a new phone!

Can someone help me out?

im getting a new phone and I dont know what to do, im thing on getting a s4 or maybe waiting for the note 3 but i think is a little too big.


what phone you guys think a should get?



s4 because note 3 will be like a mini tablet and you wont have room in your pocket for it.


any apps you recommend? 

Get a nexus 4 and root it. The only downside in that phone is the non expandable memory. 

If I was to buy a phone right now with no budget i'd get a S4, then put a stock nexus 4 rom onto it. If you would rather not spend that much; the nexus 4 is cheap for what it is, and obviously comes with the stock nexus 4 that I would put on the S4. Hope that helps

what you guys think of the iphone 5s?


I use an iPhone 5. It's portable, solid construction, fast, and it just works. If you're not a power user who wants to mod everything it's awesome. 

i like to mob everything. im verry good with jailbreaking but im trying to get into the rooting community. :D