I'm getting a new mouse, and i wanna know if a

So today i was looking into getting a gaming mouse, because i have some WICKED MICROSOFT MOUSE, 800 DPI, AND 125 HZ POLLING, HELL YES!


right, so I went onto tigerdirect and saw 2 mice, one was the diamondback, the other was a deathadder. I went with the deathadder because I've had 2 friends with diamondbacks, and it broke after like 1/2 a year for both of them. I saw great reviews for the deathadder, but does anyone have one/ever used one?

I'm using the Deathadder right now and I love it.

I had the G5 before this, and let me tell you there is no comparison. This mouse rapes the G5 and puts it to shame. Every little movement I make is picked up with pinpoint accuracy.

i have a death adder... but you'd probably know that just by lookin at my pic...

its alright. i have it set at 1800dpi and 500hz. comfortable.

Im using a deathadder too and it's the best mouse i ever had , i also have a diamondback it's almost 2 years old now and it's working great too.

I had a Deathadder. Â I loved it until it broke about a year after I purchased it. Â The left click just slowly stopped working and now it doesn't register a click at all.

hey, i have never used a razor, although i have heard good things about them... but i have a Logitech G5. it is amazing. glides nice, you can change the weight of the mouse, it had DPI hotkeys on top. and it fits in your hand nice. i would strongly suggest it.

I'm using NZXT Avatar. Good grab, good looking.