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Wonder if any one has any ideas for this issue I have. I was playing a game it went in to a loading screen. So I went to tuck my kid in to bed. When I got back my PC had crashed and was in a boot loop would boot windows for a few seconds then crash. It would lag on the loading wheel from boot every time. I swapped my m.2 to a normal SSD and reinstalled windows. Still happens on a fresh install. So I took one ram out and swapped them still happening. I pulled the AIO off and put the stock cooler on (no over clock or ram over clock btw ) still happening. I attempted to pull out the gup and use a gtx 960 but it did not like that at all never booted windows or attempted to. So I’m stuck and don’t want to throw money at parts. One main thing I think standa out is the lag before windows ever boots. Any way any one have any ideas where I should go next ?

This PC is a
Vengeance 2x8 for 16gb of ram
On an EVGA 750w gold psu
With a Battery back up that can run the system for 30mins

Sorry English is not my 1st language I hope it’s not hard to read.

If you can, try with different PSU, CPU and motherboard.
I say it’s the motherboard, but it can easily just be a bad power supply. Try getting a PSU from a friend just to test it out.
If it is not the PSU then you pretty much tested everything else, so it’s either the motherboard or the processor.


Try to update BIOS, could fix it, although it also could be a corruption from unstable RAM timings, hard to say, in such case win reinstall could help.

It’s too bad you can’t get into the desktop long enough to use HWMonitor or HWInfo64 to rule out anything such as hardware overheating.

Is it BIOS stable?

The three big ones tend to be memory, PSU, and motherboard and you already ruled out one. What B550 are you using?

Did you adjust, any of the bios settings? [XMP / timings, voltages, etc.]
Something could’ve just hiccuped and in need of a burping

Just confirming something…

You were able to boot the machine from a windows USB drive, and install a fresh copy of windows? And then it went back to being dead again?

If so, I’m with E-Wasted and I’m leaning towards either PSU or memory. Perhaps the system just wasn’t loaded enough to expose the problem during the install.

For memory, you could also run memtest86 and see if it barfs there. Not sure how much that would stress the power supply, but if you start getting a ton of memory errors, then there’s yer problem… That at least can be a fairly easy thing to swap in and out instead of having to yank all your cables and stuff.

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Yes I was able to install Windows twice from a USB on the computer. And it would boot in I’d even be able to set like the preferences at the very beginning but as soon as it would go to like actually load the screen where I could use Windows that’s where it would crash.

Sounds like a dead harddrive/SSD.

But it’s three different hard drives. Two different m.2 is one Samsung one BPX. And one scan disk SSD. Because I was trying to find out if the m.2’s were just broken or something in here that happened there.

What do you mean? Like flash the BIOS?

It’s a msi B550 tomahawk

disassemble and smell every part then memtest memory, but my money is on the psu/mobo

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If the problem occurred while the game was running and now the problem occurs when a more advanced desktop environment is loaded, perhaps the target driver…

Smells like a problem with gpu… Since the installer works ok, the problem appears fairly quickly when the OS may start to use 3d acceleration. Others suggest RAM / PSU maybe but I would start with gpu… replace gpu with some other.

Boot up another OS, some linux, and see what happens.

Long sitting around POST? Maybe has a problem with gpu initialization and when the system loads the driver and wants to use acceleration, it comes to a complete crash. :confused:

Try to start windows in safe mode and whether the problem also occurs here.

It’s not long to boots the BIOS it’s long to load windows and lags at that point. I did put a gtx 960 in and that did not work at all. I did rule out ram I bought some cheap ram form best buy. I wish this was an APU to rule out the GPU easily

Then the PSU / MOBO potentially culprit… Check Windows in safe mode and other OS. If it’s still the same, it’s a hardware problem.

So I guess the last ditch effort would be PSU and I do have a 1700 in a box I can toss in to rule out the CPU.

I sorta agree with the GPU being an issue. I’ll take it all apart tonight and see if I can smell any thing.

I wish I had like any info when Ryzen crashes it’s just a black screen not that the blue screen would be a ton of help buts still

I could not get it to boot in to safe mode just a black screen when I tryed to.

Try to run this one and check as many things as possible.


Before you go any further with the hardware, check another system, run some live linux and see what happens.

Ok thank you I will try that and report back

I did find a GPU a friend has a 1050 I can use to test we will do that next.