Im confuseddotcom about which ssd to buy!

Need help here guys. I have been looking into buying a SSD drive for a while. I want a affordable 120gb SSD and i have managed to whittle it down to 3 potentials. Just need your expert advice on which one you would advise me to go for.

1. OCZ Vertex 3 (non maxiops)

2. Sandisk Extreme SSD

3. Kingston HyperX

From all three i have read alot of good reviews on the sandisk, im just not sure about it though, dont know why something holding me back, maybe its the most cheapest one from the lot :-/


I can get the Sandisk for £70

HyperX and OCZ for £100

or is there any other SSD which is better/similar which you would rather recommend.

Thanks guys for everything you have taught me so far about PC's

Here is a link to the ssd's newegg currently has sorted by best rating. I trust the customer reviews on newegg. Whenever I go to buy a component I usually sort it by best rating and go from there. From the top 4 I have the intel 320 sata II and the kingston hyper x 3k. Both have proved to be very reliable. I've had the kingston since christmas of 2012 and the intel since christmas of 2011. It looks like you are in the UK and whether or not you can buy from newegg you can still reference the reviews on their site. When it comes to ssd's you want to make sure you go for something reliable.

Thank you mate, this is really helpful.

what do you think of the non pro 840? im not a heavy user. Just need a SSD for quicker os boot times and and general snappines opening programs and writing/reading average sized files.

anything intel or samsung

OCZ Vertex 4 or the Samsung 840 pro. Those are pretty much the best SSDs on the market right now.

I take it you're talking about the samsung 840 here is a link to one that has very good reviews. I would just do  a  search using the exact same model number. From what I have read the Samsung SSD's are supposed to be very reliable and I would not hesitate in buying one. 

Here is a link to the one I am talking about:

Here is a link to some other Samsung SSD's sorted by best rating:



Thanks guys, yeh i was literally just looking at the samsung 840, it has excellent reviews and i have a good feeling about it also i can pick it up less than £80 which suits my budget. Will look into the Sandisk abit more as well then make my final decision. After all, sandisk are like the kings when it comes to flash memory and what-have-you so im sure they should be just as good as samsung.

cheers for the help Xkr1ptikX

The Samsung 840 (non-Pro) is a good SSD for your OS and main application storage.

ok guys quick update. its been a very traumatic day! I ordered the Samsung 840 non pro, then I saw the vertex 4 for just £100 it was on a special offer. So i cancelled my order for the 840 and ordered the Vertex 4.

BUT! Then i saw Logans review of the Hyperx again and i was in a dilemma once more, so i actually proceeded to go ahead and buy that only to see the Samsung 840 Pro 128gb for just £104. Cancelled my order for the vertex 4 and ordered the 840 pro.

The Pro has perfect reviews at newegg. Only £4 more than the vertex and Hyperx i think its the better ssd from the two from my research so far. I will post back with my review and benchmark results.

i think i am content now phew!

once again thank you :)

the firmware updates on the ocz will drive you nuts, just a little fyi


yeh i read up about the constant fw updates. i welcome the new in house controller they have started to implement but i just think ocz will get it wrong for a bit until they perfect it. just dont trust the longevity of their products for now.