Im building a new pc

Im building a new pc soon because im sick of this one being a asshole. so any idea what i should change on this list?

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Looks like a nice choice of parts. Should be a beast of a machine.

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You might want to expand the storage a bit further (unless you are planning on using drives you already have) just for extraneous programs and documents so you don't clog up your main drive.

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What you using the machine for? If it's just for gaming the CPU may be excessive.

Gives room for future proofing though! we would have to consider if it will be used for meany years and whether he would want to preform upgrades in the future.


A lot depends on what your going to do with the system. From the looks since you want to go x99 chipset, id recommend more than 8gb's like 16 atleast of ram since the os and background programs might take a nice chunk. Even more modern games start excepting more memory, and that's all id change.

Agreed, I'd add 16gb of ram and a hard drive for mass storage.

I can vouch for the additional storage and memory, but the convenient thing is that you can start out with this and then in the future add new hardware.

What will this computer be used for? X99 seems a bit high end for a budget like this.


Im using the computer for gaming/streaming, i will be adding more storage and more memory, some stuff will change, i have it like that so i can get the system built and add stuff to it as i go on.

I just put the case in for a place holder.

What are you using the pc for? I think the 5820K is maybe a little to overkill for a 970

I try to stay away from the h110i due to how recent it is. h100i was notorious for their driver and build quality giving a decent proportion of buyers bad temps. The h110 and h105 were far better than that aspect.

The kraken x61, nepton 280l and swiftech h220x or h240x are also decent choices for aio water cooling. The swiftech's pricepoint is due to the fact it can be used as a custom loop as it's pump and reservoir are more efficient than what it is used for, and can have a rad and gpu added to it easily.

The nh-d14 or d15 are very good choices, as andy suggested. I won't bother you with the cpu options, as you want it specifically.

Due to your interests and plans, 16gb ram might be more suggestible. For ssd, I have a higher preference for Samsung 850 evo/pro, crucial mx100/m550, or intel 730/530. They are just so reliable and proven than it is hard to suggest others. Only ssd comment is to stay away from hyperx and kingston ssdnow as those are horrible and dates cards. Also, you still need an hdd, regardless of what ssd you get. SSD's are limited on both space as well as lifespan as writing onto it degrades it overtime. It is better to keep an hdd for regular data storage and ssd only for boot, programs and constantly used files.

Though it isn't that important, I suggest the gigabyte g1 or the asus strix, depending on which one fits better. They perform better of the brands, but the amount is almost negligible if you don't oc, and then it does amount to looks; hence why it isn't that big a deal.


Well that make's sense since your planning on adding more too the system later in the future, just make sure that you put the 2 dimm's of memory in the right locations if you going like that in the begging. Other than just the memory expansion in the future and maybe a new GPU (when they come out) it looks like a pretty dang good system.

with a build like that, i would personally go with a z97 platform rather than x99. You will get near the same performance and save a good bit of money which could use to go with a 980 instead of a 970. I would also throw in some more storage like a 1tb wd blue.

if you are doing gaming i would suggest getting an Intel core i5 4690k and a z97 board and putting that money into a second or better video card, if you are doing productivity then this machine is a beast.

Actually that's a pretty good build already and this is just me being picky and biased but i recently finished a build using the 850 Evo 250gb and so far the performance is amazing. But that price of the PNY is really good.

Looks like a monster, not to pricey suprisingly

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