I'm Building a Beast!... I think

Started building a new computer. Let me know what you think. Here's a laydown of the specs. I have never built a computer before and I'm buying it peice by peice cause I want it to be a high end PC. Not to high though like dual CPU's and shit. But high end as in 16Gigs of Ramm and a decent GPU high end.

NOTE: Everything is Red or Black or Both.

CASE: Cooler Master HAF X

POWER SUPPLY:Corsair GS 700 Watts

MOTHERBOARD: Asus Maximus V Formula Thunder FX

CPU:i7 3.4 GHZ w/ 10MB Cache Z77 Chipset

GPU:Asus HD 7850 Radeon 2GB

RAM:Corsair Vengence (red) 4x4 16GB DDR3 2133MHz 

HDD: Western Digital 2 TB Black

SDD (for os) OCZ Tech. 128 GB 2.5 Inch

CPU COOLING: Corsair Hydro Series H100 Liquid Cooling

bigger SSD and maybe a lot higher end gpu like a 680 (or a 690 :O)  then u may be getting into beast territory. also i wouldnt build it piece by piece, save up money and buy all the pieces at once


if u want some more ideas u can try checking out this "no budget pc build" forum i made a while back http://teksyndicate.com/forum/general-discussion/no-budget-pc-wat-would-u-build/123929

Well... what are you doing with the system? If you are gaming switch to an i5 (or keep the i7) and get a faster GPU like a 7950 or GTX 670.

Yes, it's going to be used for gaming. Thanks for your advice guys, I'm definatly going to upgrade the video.

I recently asked for help on here and was going to get a GeForce 670 but was convinced to go with a Saphhire Radeon 7970 instead because of benchmarks and temps. Keep in mind that the Radeon will need a bit more power so make sure your PSU is up to the task.

you could get a evga gtx 670ftw their about $20 (i think) more than a standard 670 and they out perform the gtx 680 in quite a few games, also they have the gtx 680 pcb and stock cooler