I'm bored, give me ideas

So I've been pretty damn bored with games lately. I want to create something productive, either physical or something on my computer. It can be anything. However whether or not I do it depends on the cost. It can be something to get hands on experience with Linux (I am really happy with the interest in Linux on the forums lately, this is a good thing even though we have lots of noobs), something to contribute to Tek Syndicate and community, or a building/creating project. Any ideas?

I've already flashed my router with DD-WRT and built a new desk recently so don't suggest those. 

What about Create a game?

Eh, I could try with Python but it would be basic af. Like text based lol.

Basically it wouldn't be worth while.

well adafruit industries or sparkfun electronics have some cool small electronic project. or if your crazy like me you could dumpster dive and find stuff to repair. you would not believe stuff people trow away.

Related to that, I got a 6ft ethernet cable and a 9v 1A wall wart from the salvation army... 40 cents, total.

Just bought a cheap 3D printer, now learning AutoCAD.

Pretty fun.

I have the Printrbot Simple 2014 kit.

How about getting a cheap Raspberry Pi (RazPi) or a Beagle Bone (BeBo) which is a slightly more powerful alternative to the RazPi and learn how to program on it? Google it or even search YouTube if you don't know what those are. (I might even suggest checking out TWiT [again] for a new show they're doing called "Coding 101" too.)

You'll be amazed at what people are doing with these things. But even better is the cost! The RazPi is about the cheapest at about $35 (although you'll probably add more to the price tag for a power supply should your cell phone charger not be sufficient, as well as a SD card and maybe even a case possibly totaling maybe another $30). But don't let the low price tag fool you. Both are actually low power full fledged computers with some pretty impressive punch. And that punch is really more from the physical I/O possibilities.

Both RazPi and Beagle Bone can run several different versions of Linux (right from an SD card). And if you want to get really creative, you can use them to form anything from a simple extremely low power whatever-server (NAS/ftp/http/etc.), to providing some home automation/entertainment (HTPC) solutions, or even make your own robot!

Frankly, I'm surprised that Wendel hasn't done something like this -- or maybe we/I just don't know of it.

... That's my 2-cents.


How about window farming?


This seems very cool. I'm going to do it, I used to have an outdoor garden and I loved it.

Definitely going to grab an RPi soon. They seem fun.

Get a breadboard, some breadboard wires, components, and an electronics book. Or you could create a fake profile on another forum and pose as a female and try to scam fat computer guys out of money for titty show videos you downloaded from somewhere else.

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You could get this book and do something fun.


This may be the greatest thought ever articulated on this forum.

Just get a random linux distro, and try to install and setup everything, you'll definitely learn a lot, and have a lot of fun.

I'm already familiar enough with Linux to do that (;

I may be late, but try setting up a pfsense firewall, that would definitely get you at least a day, or more, if you take the time to build the computer that will host this. Personally, I have two : a laptop stripped to only its base, and a pc with a raid 1 (2*160gb) that can cache most of my browsing, and makes it really faster when I have to re-download things.
then, you could try some of the projects on this channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1zZE_kJ8rQHgLTVfobLi_g
try to make a pxe boot for an old computer
or try to search for some free pcs :p