I'm back on linux again, thank jeebus

I was almost about to go nuts. I like playing league and everything but every time I boot up I have to reboot 3 times to get into windows and most of the time windows crashes. I decided enough was enough and reinstalled ubuntu.

I'm working on installing my games from windows again. Obviously I still have windows but the fact that I have a familiar UI and system again makes me very happy. At that I can't wait to get back into streaming and playing league of legends full on again.

This is going to get messy.

I run a dual boot as well and it's terribly in convent but it's the only to game. I mean I could use KVM, but it bothers me to have a virtual machine with Windows installed on top of Linux when I could run them side by side and use Windows specifically for gaming and stability testing. The latter of which is impossible on Haswell under Linux due to high temps with Mprime. Besides gaming and stability testing though, I have no reason to be running it natively. I would like to try a VM but can't help but think it'd be inconvenient...

I just don't want it. :P I'm probably the only person who wants to play league of legends ONLY in linux.

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I regret it every time I load up windows to play something, it just feels so slow & bloated after Linux. I'm trying to stop myself from buying games that aren't natively supported, but there are always a few that get through.

Haven't you said multiple times on this forum that you use arch? So, why Ubuntu?


I love arch, and yes I use it. On my desktop though I need a system that just does what it should do. Arch is a little unpredictable in how it works. At that, if I am streaming one day just perfectly fine, do an update the next day with a stream planned, and the update breaks my system (which does happen) then I can't do my job. It's a balance, and ultimately while I do love arch my desktop HAS to be plug and play. So I run arch on basically everything else.

Laptops, raspi, server, you name it.

So you are telling me that you are using Arch without knowledge of roll backing? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_Linux_Archive

:P Theres a lot about arch I don't know yet.

Nope not the only person I love playing league of Legends in Linux every once and a while it crashes at startup but I can fix that easily and once I'm in it just works.

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I submitted on the feedback for boards that there should be a linux area for users that have issues or want to make guides for installing.

that would be cool especially when it comes to game that are only native to windows. Winehq is good but sometimes there a bit outdated.