I'm at the end of my rope

So i need my Raspberry Pi model B to work as a Ethernet to Wireless bridge...

I want to be able to take my old pcs, that don't have any capacity to run a wifi card, plug in through Ethernet and get wifi... 

I have tried every single damn tutorial i can find and nothing, not a single one WORKS!!!

So, I know this is the hacking board, but please find it in your heart to help a brother out... and don't tell me to delete system32, that's amateur hour material...


Thanks in advance. :)

Tried these?



Or this. 

Sadly, I have tried all of these, except for UnholyKing's i appreciate your wit sir...

Zavarrr, I've tried those and every iteration of them, i don't know why, but it never works... :(


Though thanks for the input.

well if you are running linux just install brctl and use it. There are better tutorials for using brctl than me explaing it. use that tool and create a bridge and it should work. 

Actually this is a somewhat  easy setup. I've done this before.

You should be able to follow this: