I'm about to order parts for my new pc, have i made the right choice?

So I've finally nailed down my parts list for my new pc, just wanted to know what you all think. Its a relatively low budget gaming rig.

PSU - EVGA 500+ Bronze PSU
gpCPU - Intel 6500 Skylake CPU
Memory - 16GB Kingston HyperX Savage DDR4
Cooler - Cooler Master RR-TX3E
MB - MSI Z170A-G43 Plus
GPU - MSI GTX 960 Twin Frozr
SSD - Samsung 850 EVO
Case - Corsair 100R Windowed

Suggestions welcome.

What budget what country?

As low as possible, Scotland.

The 960 is something of a joke. I would say go with something from AMD instead if you can't get a 970.

While I own a GTX 970, and am still butthurt about the lies about the Vram, it IS a decent little powerhouse of a card. Certainly kicks the shit out of my former GTX 660.

If you decide to go with AMD, ask someone on here what to go with, as they know more about AMD cards than I do.

Also, take a look at a Z97 motherboard and a Haswell CPU instead, they might be cheaper and the performance difference in negligible in gaming. I would also think that the DDR3 memory would be cheaper as well.

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So, would the UK part picker work then?

Either way you'd be better off with an i5 4460, 8 Gbs of RAM, no cooler

and I'd suggest a 380 over a 960 it has a bit more performance and you'd save money on a free-sync display for the future

Ok, What are your AMD suggestions then? anything you can recommend? Also, i watched a review by paulshardware on the MSI 960 an the said it was decent, what do you mean when you say its a joke?

The 4gb GTX 960's are a joke. If you are running a game and need 4gb of Vram, the GPU itself won't have enough processor power to keep up.

AMD recommendations? I don't really know specifically, but I do know that they have some affordable options that would probably beat out the 960

Really? i thought going skylake as it was a new platform would be a preference?

ohh ok. Makes sense thanks

Intel isn't really trying all that much with the newer generations of CPU. The Skylake is the newest and best, but the difference between the Z97 and Z170 chips, at least for gaming, is not really noticeable. Only certain games are going to require a serious amount of CPU power, games like Star Citizen (and thats only because it isn't well optimized yet, or so I have been told).

It has like a 5% IPC bump, really not worth it aside from USB 3.1

Plus with the 380 you potentially have better DX12/Vulkan Support

Hmm interesting. Z97 is cheaper.

You'd only need an H series board for the i5 4460

Is the R930 the better choice then?

As it should be. But it's still a great chipset.

I'm running a stock clock on my 4690k and haven't had any CPU troubles in gaming with the exception of Minecraft on amplified world types, which are ridiculous to begin with.

Also, I'm running three monitors off of a single 970. I can play GTA V on 5760x1080 on medium-high and still enjoy it. Battlefield is about the same. But some older games it does it without trouble. Single screen? I haven't played anything I couldn't max out to the point that turning certain settings up made no detectable difference in graphics, without a major performance hit. (some of the settings on Metro Redux don't make much of a difference in what you see, but will tank your performance)

Modded to hell skyrim......not as much. Had to disable some grass mods because my GPU had a panic attack and couldn't handle it.

I'd get the 390 over the 380 if you were planning or had a 1440p display

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I'd recommend AMD over Nvidia if you plan on doing multiple monitors. The Nvidia implementation of multiple monitors just sucks outright and is a pain in the ass to deal with.

Disclaimer: I've never used AMD for multiple monitors, but there is NO WAY IN HELL that it could be worse lol

It will be a long time before i can afford multiple monitors lol what you are saying is interesting though, The Msi 390 is about a £100 more expensive right enough. would you say the performance increase and reliability increase is worth the £100?

Over the 960?

Definitely. The 960 might be okay for now, but in the future as games get more intensive and what not, you will be left wanting.

Better to wait, save up a bit more money, and spend the extra 100 now, rather than the price of a brand new GPU down the road.

Ok. What about the rest? Would you recommend keeping it as is with the 390 in place of the 960 or scale back to Z97?