I'm a distressed consumer looking for an Ips panel

Hi all, my birthday is coming up in a few months and after getting a lot of computer related hardware and gear for christmas my next priority is to ask my mom for a monitor.

The current display I'm using (which is the only display in the house that isn't CRT) is a secondhand Sylvania "HD" TV, the resolution of which is 1366x768 and the size is roughly 23". We got it because the apartment complex my mom works at was replacing theirs and was going to throw them away.

So yeah, I've been wanting to upgrade to 1080p, and more namely, an IPS panel (I eventually want two of the same but I obviously can't afford that anytime soon so I will probably use the display I use now as a half-assed secondary). I mostly do gaming so I would prefer nothing worse than a 5ms response time, but I also do video editing and I make thumbnails. 

On top of that, I want to get in to photography, which includes editing RAW images in post, so I really want an IPS panel.

The highest price I could ask for and still have hope of getting is probably about $250 as a hard but slightly malleable cap.

Also, I found a lot of IPS panels in my price range, but they were all like 21 or 23 inches, whereas I really want a 24 inch display. Even after months of using this 22 inch one I still think it's a little small. 

So can y'all suggest some IPS panels in my price range that are 24 inches? If it's really to much to ask for 24 inches then I guess I could settle at 23.6 or 23 at least.


Thanks in advance, ~Tas

According to your profile you're in the States, so any of these should work. There's like 14 that are under $250 and are at least 23.8".


Alright, Thanks!