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I'm A Disgusting Person

How do I atone for my sins?

Seriously though, WTF is this shit? A DMCA claim for downloading a fucking WoW private server? Thanks, Blizzard.

It’s just a claim.

Not a big deal.

With how brillant (or non existant) some wifi passwords are, that may require some knocking on neighbours door.

When you can prove you were not home (business trip), it will just go away.

Ya, it’s just annoying when companies go after people for products that they no longer even offer. Like with all the ROM sites and stuff like that.

Especially when I still have an active WoW subscription, so it’s not like they’re losing any money from it. But I’m sure they don’t take that into consideration.

I don’t think I fall into that category :stuck_out_tongue:.
And I recently did a check for other devices on the network and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.


A good VPN or seedbox can go a long way.


I have PIA, but it’s been disabled for a while because some sites seem like they don’t want to load while it’s on. Guess it’s time to turn on the killswitch.

Its well known that blizzard don’t want people setting up their own WOW or other battlnet servers. This goes back to the days of Diablo 1.

Subscription is how they make their money to fund development.

I agree with everything you said, until that line.


Yep, the only reason I pay for that shit.

Linux isos ain’t gonna seed themselves, and my ISP throttles bittorrent.


on most VPN’s you can set it up to exclude certain programs

for example you could set it to work on chrome your usual browser and then set it to not work on firefox and anything problematic pops up, open it in firefox
that way your main browser and P2P connection remain private

Level one techs does not promote or endorse pirating copyrighted material yada yada


Thank you for info

It is indeed useful

Depending on what country you live in, using a VPN is the only way to get info the government has not fucked with (eg Turkey has/had a ban in wikipedia).

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also remember to stop seeding BEFORE you turn off your VPN


A VPN not only conceals your traffic; it prevents your ISP from throttling your traffic, differentiating your traffic, selling your traffic to advertisers and most importantly gives you access to the uncensored, open internet. Which includes torrents.

I like what everyone has to say here :+1:t2:

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i am sure my isp knows some how i am on vpn and starts to throttle or is it just my perception.
i dont have broadband i use mobile data to connect to an vpn service .

I’ve seen that happen before, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.


That terrifies me. Are there private companies surveilling your traffic, looking for this shit? And how is that not illegal?

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Because you’re using their equipment and services. It’s part of the contract.