Ikea Kallax case ideas

Currently, I’m in love with Ikea Kallax desks. I find so nice. My PC sits at the top of my unit right now, which is kinda fine, there is some dying flame in my brain, that just desires to get a case that fits in there. I’m looking to downsize my current case (Fractal Define R4) to a smaller case, and build up a low end MITX system to replace my Lenovo M73 TinyPC NAS. The issue with my main rig right now is that I did upgrade to a 3070TI which was… massive. I do also want to upgrade my Ryzen 2700 when I do this.

I’m looking at small cases, but I feel like other folks have had to consider this before. Has anyone given this much thought, and have any idea on airflow cases for these?

Yes, actually. I’ve started on a way to 3D-print your own case for Kallax. I have no idea if I will ever finish this; probably not, got too much other shite on my plate.

So far I’ve only made a CAD mockup of the exterior, the main idea is to build this to be simple, yet powerful, with room to fit an HEDT system with dual 280mm radiators, or alternatively two mATX systems (with SFX PSUs). Unfortunately only room for 4x mATX, but that should still be o.k.

Here are some screeshots on the project thus far. Progress is really slow though.

Front of kallax unit

Back of kallax unit

Top / bottom grill + I/O mount (with room for USB C, USB A, 3.5mm jack and a 280 rad)

ATX HEDT setup, backplates (top supports 92mm cooling, bottom 140mm)

mATX/mITX setup, backplates (Supports two systems in the same unit, also ATX board if you want to sacrifice expansion slots)

No idea if these pictures make it any clearer, but yeah, there you have it. Still got a looong way to go though… Let me know if anyone wants to continue, I’m using FreeCAD for this.

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ahh that’s such a cool design. I would legitimately purchase a 3d printer for this haha.

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