Iffy Memtest

Hi, I’m using a Rampage V extreme with a 5820k and 32gb Corsair dominator cl10 2400Mhz.
The system works flawlessly but the other day I had the idea to try memtest, the test showed many errors and rebooting at the end of the freeze my system with error b1, after that everything comes back to normal again. Is memtest not reliable anymore or what??

More details are required.

  1. What version of memtest did you use.
  2. How did you use it.
  3. At what step did it fail and produce the first errors.
  4. Was it simply continuously spewing errors?

In short you likely may be using the wrong version of memtest that’s not DDR4 compatible.

I burned a usb stick with the bootable iso, it started showing errors at test number 6, I don’t know what spewing errors are :frowning: and the version is 7.4 Free.

The same errors are shown even at stock speed and with another set of ram memtest shows no errors at all.

this memtest?
or this one
or something else?
Try on a different mainboard, not just different RAM in same mobo, I think it’s more likely your mainboard that will be source of compatibility issues rather than the RAM. Try one stick of RAM at a time.
I haven’t played with socket 2011 boards to know if they tend get along with memtestx86 or not.
I think the second one, the old memtestx86+ that i’ve been using, it;s the one included on the Hirens bootCD too, I think the passmark version gave me headaches too giving errors for no rhyme or reason but that was a while ago.

You might be right, I was using the passmark version, I will try the other one later and let you know, thanks!