If You Were on the Lamb What Would your Alias Be and Why?

To Logan and Wendell.

Logan In Disguise

         "Logan Incognito"


Photo made by -Tragedy-. 


Photo made by me. :D

Richard Kimble, no question about it :D

Odysseus the Cunning  

That way if i am on the Lamb, It would look normal..lol I know it is a bad joke


Rusty Shackleford

I would go with something that people would be too embarassed to ask me about like Hue Jass, or Mike Hunt.

John Smith...

Logan would be Logan the Second and Wendell the something,..

i've come up with names off the top of my head, though some common ones i've gone by john smith and joshua... nevermind, there are some people who don't like josh

Jack Plisken, play a lot of metal gear and you might get it




Jason Thanatos...

Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten

It was on the The Tek! Thanks Logan and Wendell.