If you like black metal


This new album from Mörker is amazing... here is a link to their myspace.


It's only for fans of black metal.

dude! that shit is epic! i hadnt ever listened to them but wow i love it. :D

im not a huge fan of black metal but the new album is awesome. check out the band wolves in the throne room and book of black earth. they're both local black metal bands you guys might like.

I'll check them out... I think I could make a list 2 pages long of good black metal bands... but it would probably bore most people.

wouldn't bore me, lol. i can make a list of good death metal bands as well if you would like.

lmao it wouldnt bore me, it would give me something to do

I'll get you started with what I have been listening to the last couple days:




Lord Belial (these guys are really good)


Sceptic (great Polish death metal band)


Hate ... their newest CD is really good: Morphosis




Dragon Lord

That is what I've been playing yesterday and today.

I might make a larger list later... or you can tell me what bands you really like and I can give you a few similar ones.

Time to crack out uTorrent....

i never use torrents for music. if you want the good rare stuff use dc++ and find a good private hub. im on 4 really good hubs right now.

well actually recently ive been using warez and isohunt for what i cant find.

all i can say towards hate's morphosis album is, HOLY SHIT THAT'S BRUTAL......

soulseek ftw... always get good quality stuff there.

in the private hubs you always get quality scene releases... kinda similiar to axxo and fxg.

wow, i looked em up and they're all amazing XD

good folk/black metal band you should check out is Oakhelm. They played locally here at paganfest (Ensiferum, Turisas, Tyr, Eluveitie and Suidakra) and they kick ass

I'm in love with Ásmegin atm. Hin Vordende Sod & Sø is an amasing album imo.

Norwegian stuff is amazing... GORGOROTH is one of my fav bands...

They are freaking scary man!

aha yup, but i have to say logan im lisnen to lord belial and holy crap XD




its not black metal..but it rocks 0:

I also like KAlmah