If you had $600

hi everyone, if you had $600 dollars to spend on a gaming pc, and wanted to play games like planet side 2, bf3, farcry3,skyrim,dayz,minecraft  and rather have higher fps, than ultra settings what would you build? thanks

i recommend building a piledriver pc because am3+ is upgradable with steamroller and excavator cpu coming in the future.  also for gpu, maybe a gtx 660 or a radeon 7850 or 7870. ill build the parts maybe tomorrow after my sleep

WEOPIKBJEWD. I hate when people say higher FPS rather than high settings..ITS THE SAME THING. You put your settings up till' you aren't getting the FPS you want.

There's not one part for FPS, and another for graphics...it's the same stuff!


Sorry i'm a total noob. i just meant i dont want to be getting 10 fps on lowest settings i guess.

it would be very much appreciated thanks.

i'd go with an FX6300... mostly cause you can overclock it up to a stock i5's performance levels... it will save you $70 on the CPU, and AMD motherboards in general cost about 2/3 the price of a similar featured intel board.  taking the cash saved form the cpu and motherboard will allow you to get a better GPU then you could with an intel CPU, which will allow you to game better (as the GPUs have the bigger impact on framerate atm... granted the intel chips are marginally better gaming cpus, but with the money saved with the amd build, all that intel advantage will vanish under the weight of a superior gpu in a heartbeat).




here you go.  solid $600 gaming machine.  With an extra $100 i'd toss an SSD on it...