If you had 2,000 for a full setup. (Just a thread outta bordum for fun)

What would ya' do? All peripherals included.


I know it's not really great parts for the value or anything, but I like it. I'm not too into overclocking so I didn't really pick a higher end cooler, and I love that monitor so much hahaha. I rarely don't have earbuds or headphones on when using a computer so the onboard speakers are perfectly fine for the average youtube video or just playin xbox. I don't really care for an SSD, I just don't find them nessacary at this certain time and I don't really care about having one unless I ended up having money I didn't know what to spend on.

I have 3.5k for a full setup can you help me? it's for editing and graphic design. This is what i got so far http://pcpartpicker.com/p/CcTR (i'm building it in the summer so if there are any parts that can be upgraded like the processor to the IB-E, please include it as a side note. Sorry to hack your thread!! :S

don't get toshiba hard drives, and get ddr3-1866 or 1600 ram, the ripjawsx needs too much voltage

No problem man! This thread wasn't goin anywhere. You could get an awesome setup for that.

I'm jealous haha. There won't be any gaming on this right? Because I'm building it from that, I mean it can game but a thing is changed here n' there. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/COLw . If you wanted Windows in, don't get the 32/64...just the 64. But you can get it for free. I picked earbuds solely because if you're editting, you're gonna what something you won't even remember is in, but you'll still be able to hear everything at a  good quality. I suggest sennheiser but the sites not working well right now. I just assumed you won't be overclocking much, it can clock pretty high but not as much as liquid.


This should be fun...i'll post a link in a bit

no ssd?


Goddamn, I'm moving to the states for my next build. I'd spend 200 extra dollars building this here in Canada. 

Thank you so much for your suggestion! :D I didn't think you'd actually reply :P I just have a few quick questions.

1. I heard the barracuda drives have a high failure rate, would you agree? If so what should i change them to?

2. I need a relatively lage workspace to do all my design and video editing and the odd minecraft every now and then, Should I opt for three of the ProArt 248Q monitors? They're P-IPS and have a resolution of 1200p (I could probably fit three in the budget if i downgrade somrthing else). 

3. Could you try and fit a $350 Intuos 5 Medium size tablet into the budget? I really need it :S

4. Lastly, I will mostly be connecting through wireless connection (I know wired is better) but i'd still like that feature. Does WiFi support come with the mobo or will I have to buy a wireless adapter?

Thank you so much in advance!! :D




PS. How would I get a geniune version of Windows 7 for free?!! ^_-


Nah, to me they're a waste right now. Only SSD I'd really look at is the 512GB ADATA one that's like 390$. The prices go down dramatically each year I'd rather wait, unless I had a huge budget.


What I would build with $2K