If you ever end up in Belgium

... and are in the mood to kill braincells, grab a barstool and get ready to commit mass murder !

Here's a list of what we have :

Beers of Belgium

Braincells, let beer sort em out !



(disclaimer: for those with short attention spans, that don't get that the 'mass murder' part of the first sentence is a reference to the ' killing braincells' part before the comma, I would like to state that I'm NOT talking about people here. Can't be carefull enouhg about what you say these days. Before you know it you might end up in a NSA basement, tied to a chair, forced to cite prime numbers while an agent tickles your feet with a feather. Or. Something. Just. Saying.)


Hmmm, what would you recommend?

There are so many types of beer, you have to try different ones out to know what you like.

Part of the beer drinking experience is the café. Find a traditional café that serves the beer just right.


and jupiler for those regular nights.

And maybe some hoegaarden for those special evenings.

Ya thats about it. This is my mini-guide for belgium beer.


And if you drink "Bock" you will spend the evening vomiting (tested). I have warned you. Don't tell me I didn't because I did.

fluitjesbier lol aka "Reinheitsgebot-beer", like the saying goes: Heineken is like making love in a canoe, it's fucking close to water...

Well I only drink alcohol maybe once or twice a year, but I can drink quite a lot of Jupiler without any aftereffects, and it stays tasty, whereas a lot of pilsener beers start to leave a bad taste after the second glass. I drink at a very relaxed pace though, I don't want to get drunk, never been drunk in my life, want to keep it that way.

fluitjesbier ROFL, You sir have an intact sense of taste :))

Corsendonk pale is delicious. They sell it in the U.S. so you don't have to travel to enjoy it. 

l'achouffe, leffe blond, kasteelbier, st-bernardus...the list is endless :) just get over here