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If You Can't Behave, Shut Up

I don’t want to remind people why its a good thing to actually have some responsibility in other peoples threads, but let me give you assholes a fucking hint.

I step out for a day. A fucking day. I have a good day too. I get my season finished for the company I work for, I manage to get my sister’s baby down for a sap which is impossible, then I go to hang out with friends and I hit a deer in my beloved truck that I paid for, paid for parts, and put time into.

Then I come home and my thread gets smacked around and gunked up by a bunch of fucking idiots that just came in, like retards to charlotteswille, to throw molotov’s and rocks ah each other.

take it to the lounge, pm’s, or shut the fuck up. If I had my way there would be 3 day mutes passed around and a 1 month ban to someone specific

keep your bullshit out of my fucking threads


Just a note that this isn’t reserved for Aremis.

If you don’t like Windows or $X_OPSYS that’s fine. But some of you act like every thread discussing Windows has a hidden appendage of “Hey I’m using Windows, but please tell me why I’m wrong and why you think Linux is better. Thanks!”

Please stop. We have tons of threads to share your enthusiasm about open source, Linux, and others. If a thread isn’t as hype to your satisfaction, make it hype or make a new one.



Just keep your trash out oy my stuff

I can garuntee I use more foss companents daily than most of you half assed enthusiasts, so either behave or shut up.


You must have me confused with someone else.

I think he wasn’t speaking about you but rather to your point.

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I figured as much, just wanted to clarify just in case.

… You mean GNU/Linux?


I’m telling you now, don’t… It doesn’t end well.

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In a thread that is literally reeeeeeeing … how could I not? xD

But that’s all, I’ll leave now. And I do get it to a certain degree. :wink:


Wasn’t meant to you specifically. I thought I hit reply on the thread page.

My mistake.

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A little heavy handed . Don’t you think ?

Nah, sounds about right to me. If you shit up the place you deserve more than a slap on the wrist.


I have a 0 tolerance policy for a reason.

In other words, no. Take the toy away from the shitty little kid when he acts like an asshole.

Bring it :)~ I wanna watch

All I did was comment…It was already derailed and not by me :slight_smile:

Not my problem.

I kind of feel the same way…

All I gotta say is, fuck around and find out.

The patience of some of the mods and leaders is wearing thin. OS zealotry that intentionally serves to derail a topic will be dealt with more swiftly and harshly than some other things… simply because it has no place here and has been allowed to exist for too long.

Not my problem ? I am one of few who runs a heavy modded windows and uses linux and android for that matter. They all have their downsides.

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