If we got an old RV, would you watch us turn it into the Qain Train

I was in a conversation with some people recently while looking at the "free" section of craigslist.
We found a free RV, and laughed about the idea of acquiring an RV and transforming it into the TekSyndicate Mothership.

We spent over 20 hours discussing this topic.

We decided to start investigating what it would take to accomplish this task.
We have expanded our idea to include old school buses, and other medium

The details are still being hashed out in terms of plans for the conversion.

So far we have come up with a few ideas:
Turbo charge the engine to improve fuel efficiency (bio diesel conversion?)
Strip out the entirety of the inside, and refit it with modern equipment.
Booze Fridge/freezer (booze ain't food)
Under carriage storage space.
Bath/Shower with toilet
Septic and water system.
Air Compressor
Solar paneling to provide charging for battery system.
Battery system for long term power storage and usage.
DC Power solutions to reduce the need for AC inverter.
Internal WiFi setup
Cellular/sattelite internet for on the go access.
Mobile Command Station computer system, for video editing and gaming..
Video Recording Equipment, on the go production.
Re-enforced body, to protect against the elements.

We're still brainstorming and any general ideas are invited.

We are discussing running a crowd funding project to get it off the ground.
We have a rough estimate that this will initially cost about $20,000 USD.
That would cover the acquisition of the vehicle, deconstruction, and construction of the internal framework, appliances, and power generation/storage. With some cash left over for any incidentals that may occur.

Things this will be used for.

US/Canada/South America Tek Meetup tour?

This would show up at big events. (LANSyndicate, QuakeCon, PAX?? Who knows")
Other uses as needed. (any ideas?)

How interesting would it be to have an ongoing video series covering the design, construction, and travels?


You need to do it like an episode of roadkill.


That sounds awesome. I say go for it. I'll watch.

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That is a damn good idea. I'm in for 20$


"On the go production" sounds like a great point. And like you watch us do this so we can make more stuff for you to watch.

Name suggestion: The Tek Truck


I would definitely watch that. Hell I would watch you guys put the new carpet in your office.


Would be a very cool idea.
Maybe an idea to pick a truck with a mobile home truck.
But then you gonne need a license for it to drive ofc,
same as with a school bus or old touring car which you could transform.

Well... Even though I can't really drive this does sound pretty interesting... Do it. I'd watch that.

It's a cool idea. Might cost slot though. Would he awesome. Maybe make it show up at lan events and be the central network hub so that you don't have to reset it up every time?

Do it. Would be awesome to have a lansyndicate in Canada. Also maybe add a beer tap system?

That's a fucking amazing idea.
New god right here

Self driving Tek Truck. Do it!

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I love the idea about the TS Mobile ("Ahem" Mothership) and would throw what little cash I had at it, but, if you guys do this PLEASE do a video series about it 'cause I would watch it and I would absolutely love it, and if you guys do bring it to events ..... May get a tour of the inside? I'll show my Forum ID.

Great Idea bay the way. :)

(Finally about to finish crying from laughter) "Sigh".

The Dog! The Dog!!!

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I'm glad people like it! :D

Pistol looks like she's in her zone.

I bet Pistol's thinking "Why did Logan do that to my Dog!?!"

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