If Time and Money Were No Object

I would build this... http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/I6cO

Might just pick up that case though regardless.

That's all you could come up with for a wet-dream rig? I designed one for a pretty crazy pricetag for an editing setup:


I have 3 of those 8 parts already. soon to be 4 when I get that case. Its out there but not unreachable. Far from being a wet dream build.

yes, but the title is otherwise misleading. If we are talking about something you could actually consider building at some reasonable point in the future, then mine also wouldn't have an actual liquid cooling setup. Although it is entirely possible to build an EKWB CPU loop for about $350 (I priced it at $304, but the shipping is about $46 for bulk rates.)

I would absolutely love to be able to someday build a rig with full on liquid cooling and everything like that, but I get the feeling that technology may become outdated before I get the chance.

I'm notorious for shopping sales and price drops. Guess I should have said that my bad. To end that sentence properly if time and money were no object I would have those things now. April/May time frame to get all those parts.

My wet dream:



I think mine is far more outrageous, you just didn't notice that pcpartpicker.com doesn't actually have any inventory for E5 series xeon, so they are in the custom section with the EVGA mothreboard, and the two and a half grand of water cooling stuff. Also, revodrive 3 X2, because revodrive. And SSD's and HDD's and hotswap bays because hotswappable everythings. That is an appropriately ludicrous wet dream rig. And now everything will seem insignificant by comparison until the next gen of xeons come out.

I'd kill a man for this setup. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/I6AX


Maybe xeons, dunno. I always feel like as far as gaming speed xeons wouldn't be as good.


3 Titans, 1 monitor. $WAG. Picked it because it's IPS PANEL, 2560 x whatever, clean looking, and like 5 ms response time.

Creative card for gaming, HT for music!

Thermal paste for all the gpu's and cpu hehe.

That is pretty beastly there. And I certainly approve of anyone who likes EK waterblocks like I do.

Frickin' Canadians, man.  :P

Anyway, on a serious note, it looks to be a pretty nice build.  My favorite has to be the case though.


i'm sure there's a crazier version of this

Who's a Canadian? EK waterblocks are from, like, Slovenia. Also, I should totally post what my current more realistic dream rig is:


And yes, there is. You can acutally get 32 core versions of those processors. They are insanely expensive though and not particularly good at doing the things that we mere mortals expect our computers to do.

The links provided in the partpicker link led to the Canadian sites.  lol