If the TEK Syndicate recieved a large donation (few billion) what would you do?

Hello all in the Tek Syndicate team! was just pondering the question in my mind about 'what i would do if i was a billionaire' while watching one of your old INBOX.EXE videos; so i thought, why not!


My title is pretty self explanatory. I'll reiterate that it it for the TEAM, not an individual remember. 

'What would you do if you received an anonymous donation of a few billion' 

i'll add some more questions onto that


What would you invest in any why?

What/ who would you donate to (charity or such)

What hardware would you upgrade to? (normal or speciality)


Thanks for your time





What brand of bananas would you go for? 

Build a house out of Mini ITX computers. Buy a lot of companies and replace the CEOs with moderators on the site. Fund Wendell's AI project. Buy Golden Bananas. Buy the NSA and every ISP in America and give free internet to all or at least charge a lot less for a lot more. Buy a Gorilla, teach the Gorilla to use a computer, make it CEO of Microsoft. Buy a small Island and open up an Amusement park on the island. Construct the Portal gun. Teach another monkey to use the Portal gun, have Wendell's AI go crazy, have the monkey start testing under the AI. Science. Fund another of Wendell's AI project to replace the one that went crazy. Beer.