If monies was not an issue, what's your dream pci-passthrough pc?

Title. Take into account that, currently, some hardware are not currently compatible with passthrough.


Let’s see


That one :U

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If money was no issue I wouldn’t buy a PC for passthrough, I’d just buy another PC and run it dedicated.


Ignoring passthrough…

Threadripper 1950x
Enermax Liqtech TR4 240 AIO
ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming MB
3x 2TB samsung NVME M.2
9400-8i HBA
2x Optane U.2 SSDs (280GB … unless the 480GB model is released soon in 2.5" FF)
128GB ECC 2400Mhz DDR4
GTX 1050Ti
dual port Intel 10GbE Adapter

If money wasn’t an issue I would have two machines and no passthrough at all


On second thought, make that a supercomputer. I’d buy a supercomputer.

Oh, maybe make that like three supercomputers.

Gotta try to keep the porn separate for once.

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I feel like the answer involves Epyc, Quadros and Dell UP3218K’s…


Do Quadros support SR-IOV?

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If I had that much money, I’d just build this

You need to use the permalink PCPP gives


If I had infinite monies, I would buy Nvidia and force the engineers to support Linux and stop their anti-consumer practices.

Then spend the rest into the Linux Foundation

Jokes aside I would probably do a build similar to Aremis with noctua coolers and fans in either my current case or a fractal case.

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If money wasn’t an issue?

If money wasn’t an issue, I’d have multiple (a couple on every continent) 100,000 sqft datacenters, raised floors, near a railway, 6+ ISPs with terabits per second of bandwidth, petabytes of RAM, hundreds of thousands of cores, exabytes of storage, all in a fully redundant (6 nines) virtualized cluster.

hahaha that’s incredible.

I’d probably still run vfio though, only because Windows 10 is a virus and should be run in a sandbox, like XP.

I would go with professional GPU’s and no pass through. Just AMD SR-IOV or Nvidia bare metal on the host and VM’s using the host GPU. Now as I am not exposed to that tech so I have no idea how practical it would be for gaming on a windows VM which is the whole goal.

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For what purpose…? To play CSGO?

Eww malware10 baremetal

It’s on a separate machine what do you not understand

malware on a seperate machine, how can I understand


edit: hopefully you see I am somewhat kidding, but the point is that there is very cool development for us that like this whole pci-passthrough thing. If Money was not an issue, considering all the other things, having one monster machine that can do all the things is cool in itself, hence why people are putting time into it.

I had a $2k+ passthrough machine and sold it. Moved on to a laptop. Not worth the time to manage it.

Time is more important than money to me. Find having a few low power machines doing single tasks is better than one do-everything machine.