If i won big

My parents are going to vegas in a few weeks and i was just wondering what everyones kind of dream setup would be 

Here's an idea of what mine COULD look like


Leave any thoughts in the comments below

EDIT: Here is another build


Choose which one is better and give suggestions on what to change 


Nevermind all the bells and whistles, the performance, and whatnot. I just want to make my system significantly smaller, without sacrificing some of the additions I made. The motherboard is the only exception, since, I would need to change it to an mATX board. Get it into a cube case of some sort.

There is no CPU cooler, it'd catch fire or die.

if you looked properly there is a full custom water loop including a cpu block

I did, it wasn't there a short while ago; probably an issue with pcpartpicker.

Theres no way I would be able to put up with 4 way SLI it would drive me crazy...


If I had the money to blow...