If I were to

...upgrade my pc...

I would keep my CPU i7 3770 , upgrade my stock heatsink and RAM.

Maybe keep PSU(460W). yea yea... 460W this pc is from dell -.- parents dont trust me to build my own.

ok back to the topic, everything else i would keep except for graphics card.

graphics card i would be getting 660ti

my case is mid tower so i dont know if the cooler would fit or not, mind giving opinions? measurements i think are about 7 inches wide. take off an inch for motherboard and cpu, i dont really feel like seeing if this fits so im asking you guys....

heres the parts list of what i would be upgrading to http://pcpartpicker.com/p/QXBd

what do u guys think? should i replace anything? oh and my video card has to be nvidia my current one is a budget amd radeon 7770 ghz edition so yea.


thanks in advance, thenewb

Why does it have to be nvidia? 
That PSU.... you need to change it in order to get something like a 660ti running safely.

ok thanks but how about the rest of the parts i've chosen

your opinions?

oh and it has to be nvidia because it runs better than amd and i would like a nvidia card for a change.

ik there are amd cards that are worth more for the money but i would like it this way ty.

Really depends on computer. Assuming it uses standard ATX form factors on the case, motherboard, and PSU (I've had issues with proprietary parts with Dell), I'd still change everything.

First, the PSU is massive overkill. A high quality 500w should do it.

Second, the cooler. Unless you are planning to cool the CPU passively (no fan), there is no need for a cooler that big. Normally, people get large coolers for overclocking, but you can't overclock on OEM computers, nor on locked CPUs, and you have both. If you want to overclock, you'd have to replace both the motherboard and CPU. Personally, I'd just ride out stock, but if you insist on a cooler, get either a SilenX EFZ-80HA3, or a Cooler Master Hyper TX3

Unless you're planning on editing, 16GB of RAM is too much. 4GB of DDR3 1600 is enough for gaming, 8GB if you have a lot of programs running.

Again, unless you're editing in Adobe After Effects (or some other program that doesn't utilize OpenCL), I don't see why the card has to be nvidia. It's a valid choice if you know for sure there is a game that nvidia performs better on at the same price point, but usually, you get a better bang for the buck with AMD solutions, not to mention the never settle bundle throws in a few free games.

This is what I'd go with:


oooh good suggestions ty jerm xd

I like what jerm recommended and I would say sell your 7770 and the psu and get the stuff he recomended also your profile says you have 12 gb of ram I am going to guess that it is 3x4gb sticks or 2x4gb and 2x2gb  but you should take out in option 1 one of the 4gb sticks or in 2 the 2gb sticks and sell them so that you will be running in dual channel because you will not see a differece in games by going from that ram to more expensive stuff.  But other than that the 7950 is a great card and so is the 660ti so what ever one you get will be fine.  

Go with 8GB of that RAM and either a 600 or 850 watt PSU. 750 is right at that point where it's overkill for one GPU and not quite enough for running two of them safely.

jerm is right about the CPU cooler, and everything else, AMD has a better price/performance ratio.