If a Welsh Corgi would be "stoner metal"

then what would you consider a Swedish Vallhund to be?

Having only recently seen a photograph of this dog and after just watching the inbox.exe (live) video, I'd be interested in your thoughts then of what sort of "metal" the Vallhund would be as they have the head that looks like a corgi and the body of a wolf...


Also any actual people with Vallhunds that might be able to shed some light on what they are actually like would be good.

I don't know that breed but from the looks of it I'd say definitely Nu Metal...

Edit:Although I don't really see "Nu Metal" as Metal. 

what would a caucasian mountain shepherd be considered? they can kill wolves they also use them in russian prisons. :)


better pic? they aren't fugly. :/

i disagree. when i see them i see big fat and cuddly kinda cute but yet deadly. foxes are boring. lol

we need a dog thread on this forum. 

Stop being a douchebag.

Fuck that we need a cat thread.

so Metal:


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you are human, feel free to start a thread about dogs/ dog pics.

Soon a forum moderator will come along and close this thread, as it is a “Necro”.
This is not a Bad thing, but the idea is to let older threads pass into history, and after a few months, it is better to start a new thread than keep raising old ones from the dead …

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