IE, Opera, Firefox, Chrome?

which one do you guys like better?
i liked chrome for a while but it had alot of bugs so i got opera and im stuck with it now haha.

I've been using chrome for quite some time. I've had no issues, it's fast, it's simple, it's convenient.Â

firefox latest build. pretty good.

i really like the speed dial that chrome and opera have goin on

I've been using chrome since it's launch, and holy balls, it's so good, so easy to, and fast, which is what matters.Never used firefox, although the rest of the folks on RTW seem to love all the Plug-ins for it, making it more friendly and personal for you.Try both those, and pick which is superior (PICK CHROME!)

Ive been using chorme since a little after release and like it a lot. I will probably continue to use is for a good while.

I've been using firefox.

chrom have been using forever the speed between this and firefox i think i so cash, althogh i have had a few crashes if i watch like 500 youtube videos ijn 10 minutes lol adobe addon seems to crash very occasional but barley any if i did reccomend on  it would probablty be chrome.

I've used firefox for a very long time, but decided to try chrome 3 months ago. I enjoyed it for the most part but it was too strange getting used to the different tab placement and the few options it came with. Then I got a trojan from using chrome and had to reinstall and now I'm back to my beloved firefox!

Fire fox
i cant stand chrome dunt know why
IE is shit
opera LOL WUTÂ i only used that when i browsed the web on my wii
couch surfing ftw

Chrome is faster according to my benchmarks, so have to go with Chrome.

I prefer FireFox, but as of now, im using IE8 because I recently reformatted

Chrome because its so easy to use with dual monitorsÂ

You can get that as an add-on for Firefox, you know.

I use Firefox. I've had nothing but issues with Chrome, So I promptly uninstalled it. Every time I would open up the first page, it would take 30 seconds to load. After that it was okay, but that first page took forever.

Firefox is the way to go. Fast and highly customizable.

I currently use Flock(which kinda came forom firefox)Â
but i like Opera, Chrome and Firefox., the Fastest and the best ones out thereÂ