idkGames: Mechanical Keyboard Corsair k70 and General Update

Hey Guys!

I know it's been while, but we finally have our new video on the Corsair k70 up. I've had the keyboard for over a month now and have thoroughly been enjoying my brown switches and the overall aesthetics of the keyboard. Having new owned a mechanical keyboard before, I thought I'd be able to give people a different view who have considered buying mechanical. Hopefully you will enjoy and share the video if you know anyone who is looking for a mechanical keyboard or even just a new keyboard.

General Update:

For the few of those who have subscribed and are curious why there hasn't been any uploads recently, here's what's been going on. Both Richie and I have been busy with work (I just switched into a different classroom and had to grade a ridiculous amount of papers and Richie has been working on some stuff he can't legally talk about having to do with satellites). Then our editing rig died on us and we had to order new parts. We will be getting out our Interstellar Marines video soon as we get that computer back up and running. We will also be doing a quick build video on our new editing rig soon as I am no longer sick.

Future Content:

I was wondering if people would be interested in an interview style show with people who are 'somewhat famous' on the internet. I have a friend who had a picture of her get around on the internet quite a bit about 2 years ago and was posted on a bunch of Nerd/Geek websites. She's a cute redhead that goes by KemperFi; so if you might be interested in that style of content, let me know since it's an idea I've been throwing around for the last month.