Identifying an ultra-cheap (220-165$) SWEDX 28" 4K Monitor

Hi there! As an avid computer hardware enthusiast I've been interested in upgrading from my dual 1080p setup for a long time now. Alas, I am also a poor college student, meaning I can't really afford a proper $500+ 4K or QHD screen.

A while ago I spotted this 28" 4K 60Hz "SWEDX" monitor, priced at the ridicoulosly low price of 220$, with regular price drops down to 1500 SEK (165$). The company that sells them are more known for billboard-type screens for retailers, but is offering these at the side.

Now, the sceptic in me doubts that these are worth even the small amount they are sold at (according to the "You get what you pay for"-principle), but the reviews for the monitor are actually pretty positive. And getting a functional 4K screen (even if there is some backlight bleed etc.) for the equivalent of 200 bucks (plus shipping, but i'm from Sweden so no intl shipping) is insane.

I know that 28" is a bit too small for 4K without upscaling, but even considering it as a QHD screen, it is almost more than a 100$ off the cheapest comparably sized QHD screen at retail price over here in Sweden.

I doubt however that "SWEDX" designs and manufactures these screens themselves (Its probably a chinese/korean rebrand?), so I ask the more knowledgeable members of the forum if they have ever heard of or recognizes the monitor, brand or screen that SWEDX offers?

1) product listing doesn't even have real pics
2) absolutely no point in 4k in 28"...
3) no... just don't do it. Hold onto your pennies. 4K is only gonna get cheaper in the next couple years.

There is only one panel on Panelook that matches all of those specs: CMO M280DGJ-L30 (reviews). SWEDX could've gotten their hands on some B-grade overstock.

Just try it out. You can always return it if you don't like it.