Identify what kind of MOBO this is

So I found this cute little MOBO online. Now I bet I could find them somewhere else cheaper. Anyways I wanna know what kind these are with the intergrated CPU and where I could find them. Also would ones likes these be good more miniture kick ass gaming rigs? I'm not kidding when I say that. Put 8 gigs of RAM in that and a 7770 and see where it takes us. Anyways cheers. If you can send me to a place that sells these kinds of mobos cheaper and ones that are more powerful that would be awesome.

i'd just like to warn you that that is amd's equivilant to an intel atom, and i highly doubt it could add up to any sort of respectable gaming machine

I think you would have more luck gaming on a brick.

i remember looking at these when building a pfsense machine and decided to not even use it for that. ;x

Those motherboards are more or less designed for commercial application where low-end laptop specification computing power is needed in a small space for a semi-mobile Point of Sale station.

I am pretty sure this is what they put in electronic cash registers lol... there is not much power there.  You are better off getting a pentium and a itx board for that price.

A lot of the grey/black PoS stations you see at restaurants have these Chip on board CPU AMD motherboards in them due to their compact size and low noise from not needing a gigantic fan over the CPU. They use very little power, under 30w with some of the CPU choices.