Ideas on cpu upgrade?

I built my first computer about a year ago. I currently have a fx-6300, msi r9 270 with an asus m5a97 r2.0 as my mobo. While I love it and have no issues with it, I feel like I would like to get a bit beefier cpu. Im going to set a budget of about $150-$200. I am also not opposed to spending a bit more for going intel with new mobo of course, but want to keep the $150-200 range on the cpu. When replaced I plan on using the 6300 to build something for my dad.

Any insight helps, thanks!


just pick one of the 8 core fx 8xxx cpus , i just built a fx 6300 pc was planning on next year or so  to upgrade to fx 8xxx.

should be a straight easy swap w/o bios update.

Going to an 8 core really won't help your gaming experience and you really want a 990FX board with the 8 cores.

Get a 1150 mobo and a cheap i5. 

Forgot to mention I am looking into starting a stream as well.