Idea's on a tablet?

Hey guys, I'm thinking of purchasing a tablet but I'm still undecided about which one to get. I will mainly be using it when I'm travelling and will be using it mostly for gaming and viewing media. Any idea's on which ones I should be avoiding and which to be adding to my basket? 

How much do you want to spend on it? 

How big of a screen are you thinking of? 

I've got a budget of £500 ($800)

Plus I'm not that sure about the screen just as long it's got good specs

I looked around a  bit and found these:


Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB LINK


EDIT: [Here is a link to the specs of the HP Tablet LINK]

Maybe you can find a decent deal at a local store. The surface Pro has a 1080P screen while the other two have a resolution of 1360x768. I personally own a Dell Venue 8 Pro but it can barely handle games like Skyrim at 800x600 low settings. Did well with older Valve game though.

If you want long battery life and decent power I recommend the asus T100. It is also really light weight.

+1 for the Nexus 10, had mine since a week after release [November 2012] and it hasn't shown its age a bit. There have been rumors about a next gen Nexus 10, which I so desperately hope are true, but I feel like with the direct support from google with stock android and the latest updates, I could probably still rock mine for years more. Oh yea, and the 2560x1600 screen is just incredible.

I would recommend the Nexus 7. I've had mine for a couple months, and I mainly use it for watching videos and listening to music while traveling, but also for checking email and such. Battery life has never been a problem, screen looks fantastic, and although it doesn't have a MicroSD slot, the 32 GB is working for me just fine!

Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to give you more details about something

can someone explain to me why anyone who has a smart phone would purchase a tablet? I really would like to know the use cases.

correction* any non desktop windows operating tablet*

I agree, I've had mine nexus 7 since its realise in Australia (2013). I haven't had many problems with it until I knelt on it and heard a crack. Still good, just two little cracks on the plastic case and every now and then I lose touch control when it lays flat. But for games and media and also crusing the net, its been fantastic. So don't leave it on your bed in the dark. 

Well, bigger screen for one thing and android for another. My smart phone (questionable) is an iPhone 4 though so that's one good reason for the change. I now only use my phone for text and calls. 

I know this is late but... There are many reasons for getting a tablet. The asus T100 is a tablet convertible with full windows 8.1 and free office for a very good price. I use my phone a lot, but my tablet is for travelling. It is my laptop when I need it for that, and I can use it in tablet mode for media. The screen is a much nicer size and because its full windows, I have access to a lot more media.

Tablets are also very affordable. Mine was $300 (on black friday deal last year) and my moto G was $200 off contract... so for the price of a high end phone I got a lot more functionality and use. A mid range tablet is a lot cheaper than a high end phone with the same specs.