Ideas for websites/software to make?

Does anyone have ideas on software and/or websites that I could make just as a side project and work on open source? I'm just looking for projects that don't require all of my time but that I can spend a decent amount of time working on as I get time to work on it.

So far I plan on making an application to check my bank status as I don't currently have one for windows phone.
I'm also working on a VERY simple chat application that's encrypted, I'll post the github later if anyone at all is interested.

I'm just looking for other ideas or anything cool to work on, any suggestions are appreciated!

Whenever I'm going to free up a bit from work and from university, I'm going to start writing an assembler for the Raspberry Pi GPU, because recently Broadcom opened up the sources and docs of it, so new exiting projects are going to pop up. Later I'm thinking open-source drivers, or a wrapper for opencl, something like that. Depending on your skillset you could try that, there are lots of projects that depend on that GPU.

I'll look into that, but it's above my skill level sadly