Ideas for new WiFi through Quantum Entanglement

 If you've heard of the way that any two atoms that are vibrating in exactly the same way and speed have sort of a connection (that's quantum entanglement), then you'll understand this better. I was thinking that since this connection is infinitely extendable, we could put it in wifi in our phones and computers with some devvice that can read and send communications via this theory. There are some flaws, though... the sender node would need to vibrate at a different frequency than the receiver on the other phone, instantly breaking the bond between the two. So, all it would be able to send is binaryy coding, because you could have the reciever constantly vibrating while the sender constantly vibrates until it goes out of sync with the reciever. When it is in sync, the receiver would consider the signal to be a "1". When its out of sync, the receiver finds that there is no connection, and it interperets the loss of connection as a simple "0". So, I'm not sure if this is even possible, but its just a moment of thought for me. Any questions just let me know.

ya know quantum entaglement is a good lead but combinig it with anti-matter as a transportation median not so such a great idea not because it's anti-matter just because quantum entaglement depends on causality and coherence to happen. but teleportation as a wireless information transmision method is more viable, based on current experiments that an italian phcysisit in viena has done with photons, it is possible to destroy the photon and reconstruct it in another location with it's structural information, but he uses quantum entaglement as the information bridge, same said principals could be aplied to nformation transmission over long distances like across the solar system... would be so awesome

The anti-matter idea has nothing to do with the WiFi idea.

well i kind of woundered why did seem a little odd... you did'nt exactly make that too clear like at all for that matter

Sorry about that.  Fixed now.

Not possible. Measuring either particle (just once) breaks the entanglement. To be able to detect change you need at least two measurements. Second measurement will be unentangled and completely random.

Quantum entanglement is like having two coins. When entangled and tossed at the same time one will be heads while other tails (always, never both heads or both tails) - but which one will be heads is completely random and cannot be predicted before tossing. At this point coins are unentangled and if tossed again will produce independent random results - like both heads, both tails or one heads and other tails.

Now it gets more interresting.

Lets say Alice lives in Europe while Bob in Australia - almost on the other side of the globe. Both are in posession of entangled coins. When Alice tosses the coin and gets heads she now can be certain that Bob will toss tails. Bob however still doesn't know what the result will be - he has to toss the coin himself OR call Alice and ask. Here lies the problem - phone lines are limited by the speed of light. Even though the instant Alice tosses heads Bob's coin will be determined to land tails she cannot inform Bob of this fact any faster than at the speed of light. Quantum world is evil like that ;)

Conclustion: Even with quantum entanglement no information can be transmitted from Alice to Bob faster than the speed of light.

Conclustion #2: Entangled quantum coins would be perfect to cheat with ;)

+1 someone with a pretty decent anology, you cant actually use quantum entangelment to trasmit data because of the the way the whole process works.

The only things capable of moving faster than the speed of light (im assuming this is what your getting at) 

are either Tachyons (which cant transmit data as they have a theoretical mass and have no real way to be masured properly) 

and also something like an einstein-rosenberg bridge, possibly through extra dimensions (possibly the ones we live in) but if thats even possible is still way up in the air. 


Our methods of comminication are actually capable of much more than we use them for , it has a lot more to do with how the data is moved and processed which slows everything down, the medium is fine, for WIFI if you want to move more data either make the method of sending information more effecient or give it more bandwidth (higher frequency) and viola, faster wifi.

In reality, Wifi will improve beyond our general needs asnyway. Already its fast and as technology advances, so will wifi speeds. For example, 5GHz Wifi is faster yet has less range due to the wavelength being smaller and easier to obsorbe into walls and ubjects. Now if we used light, outside of our visable spectrum, We would have much much faster wifi but again, more complications in safety and other areas. 

It takes light 0.000000133675 seconds to do a loop around the earth. In fiber optic cable, Its about 31% slower due to reflection. However 1 fiber optic cable can carry 109 teribits per second. As fiber optic cable is layed out in more countries, Wifi will improve. There are many different methods we could go and I personaly would not worry about it. The only time we need to really worry about faster than light speeds is intersteller comunications and that is a different story.

Check the math. Earth's circumference is ~40 000km while speed of light in vacuum is ~300 000km/s. This is ~0.13 seconds - a human noticable latency.

Fiber optics is the way forward but won't scale indefinitely. We are already pumping so much laser energy into them that when there is a fault the fiber literally begins to melt back towards the transmitter at several meters per second.

Failed to convert km to m, Simple mistake.

sorry come again? not possible? how about shut the fuck up and go revise your analogys or better off still, don't use analogys.... with nothing to back them up with. i mean seariously you are lecturing me about physics?!

P.S both your analogys are dated and wrong

Quantum teleportation is still limited to only the speed of light. I would make an analogy but you don't seem to tolerate them well.

wrong again, considering your quantum physics knowledge dates back to the 60's and 40's based upon your analogys which is still wrong misquoted and misrepresented. read this...

then tell me quantum teleportations does'nt move faster than light considering quantum entaglement is what is used for this.....


Quantum entanglement is faster than the speed of light.  From what we can measure, as soon as the two atoms are in sync, they are instantly connected.  That's about 0.00000000 seconds, to be exact.  Now the only thing that keeps the information from being the same speed as the connection is how fas we can take the atoms in and out of sync, or in other words, how fast we can read and write the "1"s and "0"s.  Any ideas there?  Regardless if this whole idea is possible, let's just come up with some theories and pretend that this whole thing IS possible.  And also, let's all get along here.  I don't wanna have to break up any fights.  It's okay to correct them, but seriously, guys?  Swearing at each other?  Really, I'm pretty sure second grade has passed by now.  (Maybe maybe it hasn't mentally gone by for some people...)

Let's all just invest in Aperture Science Hand-Held Portal Devices.  Then, we can open a portal to Comcast HQ and plug our PC's directly into the internet instead of a personal modem.

Hey, easy on the language there, please.

sorry it's just this guy think's he's giving everyone and education.... when in fact hes not. I hate misinfomation . also i just found a bit of what he said belittleing, as if to say oh this shit is way beyound you bro.

If it isn't possible to find out whether the connection is there or not, then how could we possibly know that the connection even exists?  If we couldn't measure if the connection is there, then we couldn't know about it...  But we do.  So, how can you back up your theory knowing this?

sorry was the question aimed at me? And by connection do you mean the conection between 2 particles that class them as entangled?

Sorry, that wasn't aimed at you, it was aimed at the guy who first made the analogy. And yess, by connection I mean Quantum Entanglement. Sorry for the confusion... I actually am in agreement with your opinion. My apologies!