Ideas for my first build

Hello every at tek syndicate, I've had this computer that my sister bought awhile back, and I have a few games that I've bought on steam sales, and my computer meets none of the requirements, and its very annoying to see all your games that you can't play, because the computer doesn't meet the min requirements to play them, so I'm here asking you guys on what parts to get for my first build. I have a few ideas on parts I want, and I would like your opinions, and suggestions. I want for the video card an MSI RADEON R8 270X, and the case to be CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 450D MID- TOWER CASE, thats the two parts that I defiantly want, I just want my computer to be able to handle every game at good resolution without affecting how it runs, if you think something would be better I would love to hear it. I just thought the R8 270x would be more enough to handle all my game. Thank you guys for your feedback, and assisting me. :)


What sort of budget do you have and what country are you buying in?

The R9* 270X is a good card, but the R9 270 can be had for cheaper with very minimal performance difference.

And yes, it would be good to know your budget, your country, the games you play, and if you need any peripherals such as the OS, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc.

I'm guessing I would spend close to $800? I have the os mmm going to be using its windows 7 ultimate 64bit verthen. My games i that I have under my stram library amnesia the dark descent, batman arkham city game of the year edition, battlefield bad company 2 & Vietnam dlc, counter strike global offensive, far cry3, Garry's mod, Gotham city imposters, just cause 2... wan boils love to play the multiplayer, killing floor, left for dead2, metro last light, portal2, tf2, surgeon simulator, and elder scrolls skyrim. I was just thinking of instead of using a monitor id use a flat screen tv as my monitor, I would need mouse and keyboard, but I would use a wired controller that I have to play games, seeing that I can't play with mouse and keyboard. I was thinking bout buying all my parts from new egg, but I would like to buy them from other sites if they are cheaper, I'm in California if that's what you're asking. 

Oh and I just recently got dead space on origins 

I think you might be in luck sir. I just put up this video on my channel a few days ago.

Here's the link for it:


Not trying to advertise on here. Just found it to be a coincidence :) (You might want to change out a few of the parts to fit your needs though)


You can swap out the GTX 770 with the r9 270x, but the gtx is much faster. Also you can choose the case of your choice, pcpartpicker doesn't seem to have the 450D right now. 

will the gtx 770, or the r9 270x be able to mine bit coins?


The 270x will be more effective in that aspect. Forsure. :)

Bitcoin mining by GPU is dead. You can mine litecoins or any other coins with AMD gpus because they have much better scrypt performance than nvidia. If you really want to get into mining, you should look at R9 280X but they are waaay expensive right now. For gaming, a 270X is enough at 1080P.

so, what you think I should get the 270x for my first build? I wasn't really going to be mining, but I thought I'd ask if it was possible. I just wanna play my games that I've bought over time.

What is the resolution of your tv screen? For 1080P, the 270X will be good for those games. Make sure to get something with a nice aftermarket cooler like gigabyte's windforce with 3 fans, or any other with at least 2 fans. You can still mine litecoins or dogecoins with that gpu.

ok, so I'll get the 270x  for my gpu now, if you could give my your opinion for parts so I can have a good computer to play all my games, and then some. What would you think I should get?

for the psu

the ram




i know that you have your GPU already picked out but i just fell that NVIDIA is a more reliable components  even know that the price to preforms is less you wont be going back to the store in 18 months to buy a new GPU like i did i have yet to have any of my NVIDIA GPU die on me if you have a little more $ then it the same thing as a 770 but for less


do I really need an SSD? Can't I just use a terabit hard drive? Also I'm not liking the intel processor I kind of was thinking of AMD cpu, also the link below the SSD, GPU I can't see. I'm just thinking that that CPU that you picked won't be enough to play my games cause its at 3.1GHZ. I was thinking something like, an AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-CORE PROCESSOR BLACK EDITION