Ideas for computer cases?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could get opinions on what computer case I should get. This case in particular would be for an ATX build and I'm thinking something along the lines of a case similar to the Fractal Design Define R4 (something simple, sharp, and sleek)

I was initially going to go with the R4, but suggestions from one of the tek syndicate community members has left me second guessing myself. Moreover, I believe sufficient ventilation will also be important as my room can get quite hot in the summer.

A variety of suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks - Special-K

I think the Fractal Arc Midi is nice. I prefer it over the R4.

I'm using a Corsair 600T, currently. And with the cooling options this thing has (200mm fans and 4 mounts for 120s on the door) it should tackle the Aussie heat really well. However, the 600T is going to be much more costly.

Great suggestions, but in terms of price the Arc Midi is much more attractive. 

Coming from an owner, the Arc Midi R2 is a fantastic case, really versatile, fits massive GPUs, I'm planning to watercool in it as soon as I can afford it, but the airflow is fairly reasonable, the Australian summer is a lot for PCs to put up with under any form of load.

I would also go whit the R4, because I have the R2 XL model and it has been really good case for year now. But if you are interested in some other cases I would consider are few.

BitFenix Ghost

Nexus Prominent 5 Silent

Corsair Carbide Series 500R



What exactly are your plans for the case? Do you plan to buy extra fans, or do you want it to be able to cool your system with only the included fans?

Because if you want the Define R4 for the looks, and not for the silence, you can always buy more fans to make it cooler. You can have 4 intake fans (2 in the front, one in the bottom, one on the panel) and 3 exhaust fans (one in the back, 2 at the top). That should be plenty cool. Keep in mind that you will be removing sound dampening foam, while adding fans, so that means it won't be silent any more.

If you don't want to invest in more fans the case, then the Midi R2 is a good choice. You can always find reviews where the reviewer actually bothered to test the temps ( does those).

I have an Arc Mini R2 (of course smaller than the Midi R2), and everything about the case has impressed me. My experience with Fractal Design has been great and I'm sure the Midi is just as good. You won't be disappointed with a Fractal Design case, but I can agree that there are other really nice options such as Corsair. 

Thanks for your input Bennotiddy. Yeah, Australian summers can be pretty harsh and the Arc Midi R2 seems well versed to take on the heat. However, the Cooler Master 690 III has also caught my eye. Its pretty difficult choosing a case. :/

Thanks for your suggestions Generalslinkie. All three choices seem awesome, especially the BitFenix Ghost and its unique double-hinged door. However, the main concern here is whether the case would allow for sufficient cooling as I feel like the noise-dampening foam would choke the fans and restrict airflow or act as insulation and keep the heat in. That was the main problem with my choice of the R4.


Great points Ksajal! Initially I was thinking of cooling my system with only the included fans, but now I'm thinking of maybe picking up more fans. I've been watching HardwareCanucks reviews of silent cases such as the R4 and a common warning that pops up is that one should take cooling into consideration due to the restrictions of the foam pads. I'm presuming that I would be forced to remove the foam padding in order to add extra fans? If so, that would pretty much defeat the purpose of a "silent case".

I suppose the struggle I'm having is finding a case which is a compromise between quiet and cool operation. Maybe cooling is more important as I don't want to turn my system into an expensive microwave oven! :S 

Thanks for your input Unholymist. I agree, Fractal seems to be a great company and they appear to have a knack of making really nice looking cases.