Ideas for a phone

So I'm using a Samsung Note II, which is slowly showing it's age and it's battery is annoying me.

I'd like to see what ideas you have for a new phone. I'd prefer around the $300 AUD price range but I may increase that depending

My ideas are:
Honor 5X (Only slightly faster then my current phone but the duel sim and fingerprint scanner makes me interested)
One Plus One
Samsung Galaxy 5-6

I'd like something somewhat snappy, good battery life, a big screen, perhaps 2 sim cards (for getting cheaper data)

Check out aliexpress and alibaba.
Don't know how it would be in aud, but look around, make sure that the phone is good before you buy it. Xiaomi is really good of what I know.

Aliexpress is more of a mainstream thing. Alibaba is more of a mass order thing. Depends though,

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I second that. I'll actually pick up a Xiaomi Mi5 myself once it's out