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[idea] Secure network with firewall pc

Hello sir/madam,

I got an idea of a secure network. Using a pc as a proxy in the network to route the pc’s network through it out to the internet. And no way around it so the proxy would have a network card which then would connect to the pc. I’m not sure if this works or what appliance it would have and if there are better options out there?

Open for ideas.

We call this a VPN

You can easily do this with pfSence. Basically you have WAN coming in and LAN going out and the router/firewall in the middle of that. All you need is a setup with at least 2 network interfaces.

I have a pf sense router already setup and running.

vpns are usually outside the network but I could probably setup one inside my network then?

The plan would be to counter ddos attacks and have ip spoofing and mac spoofing.

This proxy is basically a NAT?

You can use VPNs for it, even better you can disable/weaken crypto on OpenVPN for example and use it as a dumb tunnel with very little CPU overhead.

what about ddos protection and ping`? are those enabled/affected alot?