Idea for teksyn: user file repository

Dunno where to put this.

Plain and simple I think there should be a place in the site at some point for people to put helpful EXE's, files, and links or torrents for other users rather than digging for them and finding a link. Example: someone like me is working on an odd project with windows 2000 and needs drivers. Instead of going to find 3dpchip its already here and they don't have to feel sketch about the website.

Good idea? could be a good place to start.

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I like your concept, my only concern would be for those 'unscrupulous' people who may upload malware hidden in these files.


I'm sure something could be figured out :3

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It could be something that may be vetted by the administrators only.

A user might have to be registered and trusted? Hell with that there could be 2 part AUTH too lol :P

Thats why I keep every executable I download on my file server for those 'just-in-case' moments.

I think that puts a lot of possible trouble on the table for TekSyndicate. Since they would provide the platform, they would need to check every single link or file. I would better go this way: Links to helpful tools find their way into the wiki. I don't think anyone would like to host a file sharing platform - two obvious problems: copyright and malware.

@Eden does the wiki still exist? I cannot access it, since Firefox doesn't let me because of an invalid SSL certificate.

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OK. Good. I get this if I want to see the details: uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate expired on 03.06.2016 22:15. The current time is 07.06.2016 02:00.


Firefox doesn't let me see the site. I can only go back or display this error message.

It still exiats, bad on my part I don't think I have it set o auto renew properly. I'm not back at a computer for a couple of days, I will fix as soon as I can. Sorry :(


It's a great idea, a collective knowledge base, submissions need to be curated by admins though, otherwise it would be a mess of all kinds of strange tutorials.

I thought about a data base with community submitted info about hardware failure rates, literally everything we buy and sell, come up with our own data about hardware longevity and failure rates not just tutorials and knowledge base articles from all our combined hardware we deal with, the combined hardware failure data from the tek syndicate community could become something to rival back blaze's failure data, not many other groups collect that sort of data or publish it, certainly not manufacturers. If other tech tubers audiences got on board it could really be a decent sample size to be meaningful data.

Should be fixed now, sorry about that.

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No worries. Yes, works perfectly now. Thank you.