Idea for nice $1600-1700 build in Australia


This is my first time building on a PC or really using forums for this at all, so sorry if I am not yet familiar with the intricacies yet.

This is my idea for an around $1600 AUD build for parts only available in Australia (that's where I am). I just though before I went ahead and bought all the parts I should check they are all compatible and everything will work and any tips you might have before I go and order/build. I also wanted to know things like how everything will fit properly in the case and how to put the Wi-Fi PCI card in properly for good reception and things like that. Lastly what would be great is any other suggestions you might have about what to know when building for the first time.

I will be using TekSyndicate's video on how to build a PC, and I would be going off one of their build videos if it were not for part availabity and cost issues here in Australia (where everything seems more expensive).


Anyway, here is my build on PCPartPicker:

I would appreciate any help or feedback anyone has about this build. Thank you very much.


Well it's not bad, but I would change a couple of things.

I'm suspecting you do not really need the i7 CPU in there - in most tasks such as gaming and "normal" work tasks the i5-3570 will be just as good. If you planned to overclock you should also get the "K" version. With the money saved by getting the i5, change the GPU top a HD 7950.

2 TB storage is also ALOT, but you know best yourself if you're really going to need that much.

I also cry a little inside when people get such expensive computers and then spend 20$ on sound :P But maybe sound isn't a big deal for you.

There are plenty of MOBOs with great sound integration out there. But yeah, if you're going to have the big speakers, spend money on a sound card (cheap is ok too) and some decent software to allow you to adjust your equaliser for optimal situational sound. HD audio is good enough for headphones for most people, but if you use high end speakers, you'll want high end sound.

Thanks for your feedback. Personally I was not planning on overclocking so I may consider dropping back to an i5. Sound is not a big issue for me, it was really a last minute consideration (I almost forgot to add any at all) :-). I checked and the motherboard appears to have a sound card, is that correct?

The large amount of storage is necessary, and it is so cheap, there is no point knocking it I think. 2TB for $100 is pretty good to me.

Thank you for saying it's not bad. I assume by saying this that you found no problems or incompatabilities with it.

I wasn't referring to soundcards, I was referring to the Logitech Z130 speakers for 19,95. But yeah I'm not going to judge, I know sound isn't a big concern for many.

If there was capatability issues, pcpartpicker would have picked it up.

DUDE DUDE. LISTEN if your gonna get INTEL make sure it has a k on the end so go for an i7 3770k TRUST ME

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