Idea for dystopian--ish anime

So was listening to my Coworkers amazing 80’s/cyberpunk spotify playlist (9 hours of amazing music, he used to work at a record store and has thousands of 80’s records) and I stumbled across this song.

(this song would be the opening credits scene. With the protagonist, a female…pseudo-machine, floating outside of a space station listening to human made music, specifically this song)

And being that music kind of zones out my create mind, an idea took shape in my mind, for an anime.

Setting: 3,500-sh years from now.

Humanity was eradicated by sentient machines of their own making some time in the 22nd century. Those machines, whose sentience was based on that of humanity, soon began to disagree on whether or not completely wiping out all of mankind was the right thing to do, and a short time after began a civil war between themselves. One faction based entirely on cold logic, and one that wanted to create something new, something neither machine nor man entirely.

The faction that regretted killing all of mankind wins, and creates something new. Something mechanical, but also organic in nature. Something that had what they did not, a “soul” as best they could describe and design.

Based in part on the human form as a sort of homage and apology for what they view as a crime against nature. These machines would live longer, think faster and more complexly than man, but would still contain morality and emotion. Their form is similar to that of man even down to males and females, and a process of procreation and giving birth. Their blueprints carried in something similar to DNA, TNA (Technological Nucleic Architecture).

Soon after these new…beings, were created, the original generation that destroyed mankind, destroyed themselves in what they would see as an act of self punishment. “Paying for their sins” or some such.

cut to 3,500-ish years in the future

The 2nd generation has been fruitful and successful in creating their own society. For a time they lived on earth, but following in the foot steps of their creators, they chose to abandon the planet for living in space stations in and about the solar system, leaving earth to the wildlife as a sort of monument. Some still visit for scholarly purposes, but there are no permanent settlements.

Their culture is very similar to humanity. They communicate verbally, engage in fruitless activities for entertainment, but they have solved all of the problems of the old civilizations. There is no want for food, water, luxury, etc. They have literally achieved what, by material means, humanity would call utopia. They even refer to themselves and others as people.

This is where our story begins. I have some rough ideas worked out, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

Oh and the plot twist is that Humanity still exists. A single bunker built by a government, large enough to house a few thousand people, somehow survived. The humans in this bunker have been living a rather harsh existence with population control and rationed food and water. Eventually the fuel for their reactor runs out, and they must send small bands to the surface to look for nuclear materials, food, water, etc.

The story itself, is what takes place when these two groups come into contact.

The main character would be a “female” 2nd-generation (I’m still trying to think of an acronym or term here.). Approximately 26 years old (They live for 500 years before what serves as their brain breaks down and stops working. Something they have not attempted to solve, figuring that 500 years is more than enough time).

This character is something of an outsider amongst her own people. She has been…almost obsessed with humanity since birth. She listens to human music, she chose to become an archeologist, even restored a pair of Sennheiser brand headphones by hand, in an effort to better understand humanity. She’s something of a “hipster” in a weird way.

She questions the general wisdom that “while killing off humanity was a crime against nature, there was no other way as humans are extremely dangerous, unpredictable, and generally a threat, they would have destroyed each other eventually, etc”. She also has an extreme dislike of the stagnation that their society holds. While they do behave like humans, they also behave like machines (a duality). They don’t reproduce except to replace themselves, they are a utopia, but they are completely stagnating and she despises it internally. They do not search for deeper purpose, she does.

So she somehow encounters one of these parties sent out by the remaining survivors, tries to learn from them and gain their trust, does so, eventually she forgets to check in and security teams come out to find her, discover her with the humans, things happen, eventually there’s a resolution, etc.

Just a rough draft. Thank you for reading. Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors but when my creative juices are flowing I can’t stop lol.

Would greatly appreciate feedback. This would be either a series or a movie, HAND DRAWN. NO FUCKING CGI HORRIBLE LOOKING BULLSHIT.

Also TM motherfuckers.


makes me think of the battlestar glatica remake.

I suppose it has its similarities, but in this the machine-people (my term for now) are kind of the ones lost.

They don’t realize it, but they’re stagnant. They advance only in technology and are sort of stuck in a psychological sort of way. They haven’t advanced beyond the milky way for fear of causing a repeat of the past. Thinking that other biological based societies would fear them and seek to destroy them.

They’re kind of like The Q from Star Trek. Extremely technologically advanced, but the duality of their nature holds them back in ways they don’t realize.

The main protagonist (still working on a name for her) is what the first generation was hoping for, something that was machine, but also humane. Something with a spark of creativity and a desire to be better (in more than a technological way). The eventual first in an evolution beyond the 2nd generation.


ever watch the show “the 100”? similar to the bunker idea.

also similar to your idea of utopia.

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The machine-people utopia has no limits.

Their limitations are self-imposed by the “general collective wisdom” of each individual. They have sex, but do not procreate until near the end of life simply to replace themselves and their partner etc. They do not attempt to leave the solar system, not because of the threat of a government stopping them, but because each individual “knows” that they risk another genocide if they encounter a biological civilization.

They can build new space stations, or inhabit larger asteroids, but they do not settle on worlds or bodies inhabited by any kind of biological life form, regardless of size or level of sentience.

Rather than a ruling government, they are a “pure democracy” with major decisions being decided upon by the whole, with technology facilitating the ease of the sharing of opinion, and the “certification” that the result of a vote is truly accurate.

Their only real flaw, is that they see no flaw in themselves or their society.

I see Matrix influences

10/10 plot would convince me to watch anime


I hadn’t realized that until now.

Honestly I could think of another way for a small group of humanity to have survived.

What I cannot solve is:

  1. How to get some action in there. The humans and the machine-people have to fight somehow

  2. How to have that happen in a way that a peaceful resolution can occur.

I want them to fight, just so people can have a climactic battle, but for the end result to be the machine-people realizing that they need humanity because they lack the spark that humanity has. They lack purpose and drive to advance outside the solar system as well as advancing philosophically.

The problem is, that having violence occur between the two sides would generate resentment by the loved ones of any individual killed in that violence. Much more heavily on the human side than the machine side.

maybe they are human cyborgs?

old programs kick in when new humans discovered and most robots try to kill the bands of people so when this one ladybot approaches they are understandably aggressive and mistrusting (or even violent) towards her

lady bot (somehow) gains trust, story continues

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Oh I had that planned out.

The humans are unaware of the death of the 1st generation that slaughtered billions, but are also unaware of the fact that they created another race as an homage/apology for what happened. They tried to create something human, but also better than human.

The original intent, not revealed to the 2nd generation (for some reason) was that any biological society would see this, and not attempt to wipe out the second generation for fear of what the first generation did.

So when they first encounter her (or vice versa) there is a scuffle and she ends up with a gun pointed at her head.

Also was trying to think of a way for the guy pointing the gun at her head to fall in love with her.

The end result is that the humans and 2nd generation machine people become one species by interbreeding. The humans get to live on (and an increase in life span, and a utopian society to live in), and the machine people get the spark from humanity that they need to propel themselves into the stars and become more than they are.

But there needs to be tension between the two factions. The majority of the machine people still believe that the only way to have dealt with humanity is to have killed them, despite it being morally wrong.

And the humans obviously fear and resent the machines for the genocide of billions and the loss of the entirety of their civilization.

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have we read the same things?

the Passages in the Void
does the same thing with the 2nd generation of machines that feel sorry for having destroyed their creators

I’ve read the following book series.

  1. The Space Odyssey Series
  2. Lord of The rings + Silmarillion
  3. The Harry Potter Series
  4. The Outlander Series
  5. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Series.

I need to read the Dune series.

I like the idea of a fantasy setting set WAY off in the future that deals with what we can barely see as the “end result” of evolution of a society.

I’ve not read Passages in the Void. But now I have another thing to add to my list of things to read.

deals with what humans do when they reached the end of the universe.

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sorry if im not being helpful, i just cant help being amazed by how similar your ideas are to things i’ve read.

Oh that’s fine.

No surprise that my idea is not unique. Very hard to have a truly unique idea considering how many humans have lived.

I’ve done some thinking and sort of have the important bits of drama/action worked out.

Real problem is I’m not that great of a writer, not to mention my own romantic experience is sadly limited so I’d be terrible at writing those bits lol

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just get a general idea of how you want things to unfold first, or maybe start with building character backgrounds, you’re already doing a good job world building.

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Thank you.

I’ve sort of worked around how things would work out.

Leader of the humans, the one who ends up pointing a gun at the protagonists head, tries to make peace. Being older he knows that humanity absolutely cannot afford a conflict with the machine people.
Protagonist spends time amongst the humans, sees how they live, how they suffer and how they triumph. At least a weeks time.
Second in command (for the humans) does not like this, thinks him a fool, internally plans to overthrow him. Being young his hatred and suffering rule his thinking.
Rescue personnel from the space stations come to retrieve her, end up capturing all but the second in command.
Leader is put on trial with protagonist passionately defending him etc.
Leader sentenced to death, protagonists demands the same sentence.
Somehow they break free during sentencing. end up fleeing to an “elderly” 2nd gen who was the only one to agree with protagonist during the trial. Happens to be a specialist in biology.
Leader gets “upgraded” to be technologically compatible with the 2nd gens, but maintaining his humanity and sentience.
In being upgraded, he gains the ability to share his experiences on a profound level with the rest of the 2nd gens.

While this is happening a battle is occurring between what military the 2nd gens have and the remnants of humanity. The battle is actually somewhat even sided because the 2nd gens have been lax in military development since they thought their only threat was eradicated before they were born, but the humans have spent 3,500 years developing tech to fight machines.

Last minute intervention from the protagonist and former human leader saves the day. Wrapup montage and dialogue by protagonist.
Roll credits to this song

Just to expose people to this amazing 80’s song lol

I think that’s a fairly good general outline.

This last comment makes it sound rather generic, but you story could improve as you write it.

I’ll keep the story in mind and share any ideas/thoughts I might come up with, though I’m not very creative when it comes to stories.

Are you going to make a manga/comic?

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Probably not. I have no drawing ability what-so-ever.

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I haven’t heard a good cyberpunk album for a while. Any chance for a link to this or a list of songs/artists?