Idea for a shop/lab project, no idea how to make it work

I have a dozen or more Dell 15" square monitors I need to make go away. I thought that it would be cool to put 4 or 6 around the shop amongst all the antiques and rusty stuff that is my work space, up in the rafters and such. I have piles of PC parts, but no graphics cards of more than half a gig of memory. Any ideas on how to drive such a set-up, @ 720p?

Depending on your budget, maybe look for a (pair of) Radeon 5870, 7870, Pro 6200, all have Eyefinity 6 Edition - 6x mini DP that you have to adapt to VGA probably.

For example this one.

If you do go ahead with it, some pics would be nice. I bet it will be cool AF, bonus points for running it with an old Radeon.

If you just want them to mirror the same thing maybe just a hdmi splitter?

Probably Raspberry Pi 4 could be the most cost effective solution for this if you have to buy new.

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The below assumes you want the same image on all monitors.

There are 1 to 4 HDMI (and probably VGA) distribution boxes that can be had for pretty cheap.

If you want a near 100% chance of it working first try, SDI with converters on each end. For example:

The slightly janky version of the above would be to loop a coax cable through all of the SDI to HDMI converters.

Cheaper yet, I found a $13 VGA splitter, I have a big box of VGA cable. I think that and a pie 4 will work fine, no reason to set up a full PC. As for the Radeon card, I just yesterday acquired an HD 6970, that card has 2 mini display port, 2 DVI, and an HDMI. Don’t want to waste it on this project. SDI is interesting, but out of my price range. I will gather some parts, Bench Test, installation will correspond with scaffolding for electric rewire (might take a while). Thanks for the help.